Sunday, July 01, 2012

The day is finally here!!!

Packing...the packing was not fun! 
We took my car and so their wasn't too much room. I had to really think through everything we were bringing and make sure that we had the right clothes for each of our adventures. Somehow we made it all work! 

Sam had his last day of school, so as soon as he was done...we were off!

 Here are the snack boxes filled, the boys were super excited about these!

I made the boys their own maps. They thought they were so big 
with their own maps. 
It was a great tool to be able to show them where we were and how much farther we had to go.

All packed and ready to go!!!! 

Very excited Daddy ready to go! 

The boys had just ate lunch, but still wanted a snack. I think they were just excited about their new snack boxes. They are already watching a movie and we haven't left the driveway yet.

Very happy Mommy...just nervous we were forgetting something!

I am so glad we decided to drive all the way. It was a very long drive, 
but we were so excited that it seemed to go by fast. Wes drove through the night and
I drove so he could sleep.  The boys did awesome! Sleeping in the car isn't fun...but
they did great!

They did ask about 100 times, "Are we there yet? That got old...but otherwise, they did really good. There really isn't much to say about the drive. We had to go through 3 border patrol check points.
I had never done that before. They wanted to know if we were US citizens and then let us through. And going into California is like going to another country. You can't take in any fresh produce and they have lots of laws. The hardest one for us to get used to was no talking on cell phones while driving.  We made it there safe and sound. Very thankful!!!

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