Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Both the boys had school on Halloween.
They were a little tired from the weekend, but they were excited to go to school.

Sam in his jack o lantern shirt and cool hair
Micah and Colter ready for their costume parade.

Here he comes... "Hi Monkey Micah!"

Enjoying his party at school

Aunt Audrey left suckers for the boys...pretty funny!
Once we all got home, we decided to do a few of the games and crafts left over from the party.

Time to Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat Aunt Sindi and Uncle Justin

And the best part.... the candy!!!

Happy Halloween from our family!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Small Group Party

What a weekend!!! LOTS of Halloween fun!!!
It is my favorite holiday, so I packed it full of super fun all weekend!

We normally have a huge Halloween party at our house and invite everyone we know.
But this year we decided to only invite our small group with hopes of saving a little money and cut down on stress. Well, if you know me well...I don't do anything half way. was still a full blown party. I just can't help myself!!!
I just love my new spider for the front door!
We have 16 kids in our small group, so I had lots of activities for the kids.

Candy Necklaces
Frankenstein and Witch Masks
Spooky Spiders

Halloween Frames

Party Favors
My little monkey
(Mom made this costume for Sam when he was 2, so glad they both got to wear it)

BeBop and Pop Pop came by to join in on the fun. (love this picture)

As you can tell I just love to decorate for the party!!!!

Trying to get a picture of all the kids. Little hard with 16 of them. This was the best one.
Everyone brought food, which helped a ton!
Nicole brought these witch fingers, aren't they awesome!

Aunt Audrey came just so that Micah would have someone to complete his costume
and to enjoy some of the fun.
She is his banana!!! Aren't they the cutest couple!!!
You are such a wonderful Aunt!!! We love you!!!
Working on the crafts

Trying to get a family picture
(didn't realize my hat was turned up)

We love your witch mask, Sweet Elly!

Time for some grub!
My amazing friends!!
Frankenstein/Harry Potter/Weston
All the girls
It's not a Halloween party unless you carve pumpkins

Pumpkin bean bag toss
(Wes made these several years ago...
he is such a great hubby)
Micah had a little trouble during the party.
I think he got too hot. He threw up and then sent right to sleep.
It was a very very busy weekend and I think it was too much for my little fella.
Thank goodness BeBop and Aunt Audrey were there, they stayed with him the whole time.
Sam, Aunt Audrey, and .... my husband.
Chris and Nicole
Pin the Smile on the Skeleton
Leslie and Will
Curtis and Jude

Before the party was over, Micah was up and ready to try some
of Rachel's pumpkin rice krispie treats. Glad he didn't miss the whole party!

It was such a fun time with all our friends that we love so much!!!