Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Party 2010

Get ready because I have not been blogging in a while, so there are lots of posts!
Go all the way back to Spring Break Part 1 for the beginning.

Today we had our 2nd Annual Easter Party!
We had a great party!!! The boys loved every minute!
We dyed Easter Eggs, of course...

Lots of our friends from church came...
Karla and Vince

Jenny, her boys and Caleb

Baby Cade

And of course there was jumping...
And more friends...
Rachel and Ellie

Lots of yummy food, including bunny and egg PB&J ...

They were happy campers!

Watching a Easter movie while the mommies hid the eggs

Ready for the egg hunt,
On your mark, Get set, Go!!!

And they are off...

Trying to do an egg toss...they are a little young for this

Racing with an egg on a spoon

Decorating their own cupcakes

It was a wonderful Easter party!!!
Thanks everyone for coming, we are so blessed with wonderful friends!

Poor Micah

So, we went to Home Depot to buy plants.
The boys were both wearing their sunglasses and playing around, like little boys do.
Some how Sam tripped Micah and he fell on this face.
And cut open his eye!
Instead of paying lots at the ER, we decided to spend $5 on liquid bandage!
Poor little guy!

Not even 3 and he is going to have 2 scars on his face!

Easter Festival

The boys school had this great Easter festival last Saturday.
We decided to give it a try. It turned out to be so much fun!
I have really been impressed with their school, let me know if you
are in our area and looking for a school, I would recommend ours in a heart beat!
They had mini rides for the kids, an easter egg hunt, and jumpers!

It was a great way to start to our Easter week!


Sy was one of our sweet neighbors who moved
a couple of months ago and we miss him and his family so much!
They came in town to visit and the boys had the best time!

We miss you Sy! Come visit again soon!

Spring Break Part 4: Houston Museum

Sam has been wanting to go see the dinosaurs for weeks.
So we finally made it...and he was tickled!

He wanted to know what each one was called and all the info about it.

They also had a section on Africa

And weather

We ended the day with the IMAX

We are loving having Daddy with us all the time!