Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Sam

Sam goes to the doctor tomorrow and will get his cast taken off. Then he either gets a short cast or a removable brace. I am hoping for another cast, just to make sure that he doesn't hurt it again. But, we will see what the doc says.

Anyway, I wanted to take pictures of him with his cast so we can show him when he gets older. He will think it is it so is a boy thing, at least that is what I am told!
So here is my Sam with his cast and all his signatures.

We love you Sam! But please try not to break anything else!
I don't think Mommy can handle it!

Saying Good-Bye to the Winter Family

Saying good-bye to the Winter family has been one of the hardest things that our family has had to do. Wes has known Jenny and Tim for over 10 years and I have known Jenny for about that long too because she is the cousin of my best friend. But since moving to Houston, Jenny became my friend too. And since our boys were born 6 weeks apart, we have been stuck at the hip for the last 4 and a half years!

Jenny and Tim are the most amazing couple! They have been our accountability partners, our support and encouragement, and our best friends! Life is going to be so different without them here. We are going to miss them SOOO much!!

They left yesterday to head to California to start a new adventure there. We are excited for them and for Tim with his new job there. It is going to be a great move for them!
Saying that I was a basket case yesterday is an understatement. My eyes were still red today when I woke up! TJ and Caleb left early that morning to fly with Tim's brother to California.
Here are my boys telling them bye.

I am going to do another post tomorrow and show you all the pictures of Sam and Caleb growing up together. They are best friends and I hope we can keep their friendship going!

The Russel family praying before the boys left for the airport

After a full day of packing the truck and cleaning Jenny's house.

They had to rent an extra Uhaul because there was so much stuff!
So now Jenny is driving with that trailer on the back of her van.

Every inch was full!!!

Circling up to pray before they left

Can't forget Tim's car

And they are ready...

Wes and Tim saying good-bye

And I am crying again...

Jenny and Tim,
We love you so much and are praying for you!
We know that God has amazing plans for you in Cali.
Can't wait to hear all about it. And we will be there soon to visit!
Love, Wes and Tricia

School Time Again!!!

The boys started school this last week. We were so excited to be going back to the same little preschool that the boys loved last year. And this year, Micah has Sam's old teacher, so I was very excited to know that Micah has a wonderful teacher!

I was feeling crafty, so these are the teacher gifts that I made for the first day:
chocolate covered fortune cookies.

And these are how I packaged them,
Super cute labels that said:
I'm so FORTUNATE to have YOU as a teacher!

Lunches packed, complete with notes from Mommy...
they were ready to go!

Here are my big boys...
Micah 3 yrs old and Sam 41/2 yrs old

Wes got to go in late that day, so he went with us for the 1st day!

Micah checking out his room

Sam putting his name on the helper chart

There were NO tears the first day!!! The boys had a great 1st day
and can't wait to go back on Tuesday!
And a bonus was that Mommy and Daddy got to enjoy breakfast together
after dropping off the boys at school!

Hope it is a great school year and hope your school year is great too!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Sam's cast

Well, Sam got a hard cast today!!

We are still getting x-rays done every 5-10 days to make sure that his bones don't move too much. Here are his x-rays. You can see where the bones aren't lined up. The doctor says that they will grow back is just going to take a while. We have to make the decision to let it do it on its own or do surgery.

Here is my big kid waiting to get his cast

Making sure it is a perfect 90 degree angle

Wrapping the waterproof liner

Sam picked a bright neon orange for the color of his cast

Letting his cast dry

BeBop came with us, thanks BeBop for coming to every appointment with us!

GiGi and Sir signing his cast

I am so glad he has a hard cast! I just feel like he can't hurt it more now.
But we are still deciding what to do about his little arm.
Please keep saying prayers for our Sam!

GiGi and Sir Back from Thailand

Saturday afternoon GiGi and Sir flew in from Thailand.
They were blessed to be able to go visit Wes' brother and his family for 3 weeks.
We want to catch a ride in their luggage next time they go!
Here are the boys ready to welcome them home!

Here is Sam sleeping with his eyecover that Sir brought him from the plane.

Sir was so tired and trying to get to normal...and the boys just wanted to be with him.

Micah LOVES his Sir!!
And Sir must love Micah, since he is sleeping with him in a twin size bed.

Sam and Micah are headed to Kerrville with GiGi and Sir...
they were SO excited!

Sam made sure to tell me that I didn't need to cry...he would be fine!
Thanks Sam! Mommy wasn't crying, she is happy to have a break!
But I know that Thursday is going to be a wonderful day when I get to pick them up!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Date Night #8 (I think)

Wes and I LOVE Brad Paisley...and this was our first concert, besides the rodeo.
We bought our tickets months ago and were so excited last night!
And bonus...we found out the day before that Darius Rucker was going to open for him...even better! What can we say, we love country!

Our course we bought the cheap tickets on the lawn...

and so did a few other people!

But we had a blast! We loved people watching before it started,

and there were all kinds of people to watch...

and of course the awesome concert!

It was a wonderful date night!!!
And thanks to BeBop and PopPop for watching the boys all night!
It was just what we needed after a crazy week!