Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Playdate

We went over to Caleb's house yesterday for a great playdate.
If you know Jenny, she always goes over the top.
So as you can was all kinds of fun.
Thanks Mrs. Jenny for a great playdate!

(So sorry about most of the pictures...I had my camera turned the wrong way!)

Caleb, Sam, and Jalen

Baby Timothy

Mrs. Jenny and Micah

Miss Ellie

Sam and Justice



Micah James with his favorite Halloween shirt.
Can you guess why?

Mandy and Mayah

It was a fun day with all our church buddies!
Thanks again Jenny!


Okay, you know how I am about Halloween.
I absolutely LOVE it!!!
So here we are getting a few more things ready.
BeBop got the boys these for our pumpkins outside.
Aren't they super cute?

Here are the ghosts we made while it was raining the other day...
Sy came to help, but forgot to take pictures.

Ready for school on Thursday...LOVE matching shirts!

Resting after they got home from school.

Our front porch

7 more days until Halloween...

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Sam

It finally happened...Sam wants to marry me! I have been waiting for him to want to marry me. You always hear about little boys wanting to marry their mommies. I couldn't wait for the day that it happened. He climbed into my bed one morning, put his arms around my neck and said, "Mommy, I want to marry you and Marin!" I guess I will be okay sharing him with the sweet little girl that lives two doors down. He went on to explain that I can hold one hand and Marin can hold the other. Sweet boy!
Oh, I can't believe I almost forgot to tell this story too. So, Sam has never talked about smelling anything. In fact, I talked to one of my friends about it this last weekend, that I was starting to wonder when he would notice smells. Well, he has noticed! This last week it happened. He was in the playroom with Micah and started yelling to me that Micah had a stinky diaper and it needed to be changed. Okay, funny story...
This morning at 6am, Sam climbed into bed with us. He was sweetly laying next to me, when all of a sudden he started saying, "Mommy, the smoke coming out of your mouth stinks!" What?
"Mommy, that smoke is getting close to my mouth and it stinks!" It was hilarious! Smoke...isn't that great? Later he kept telling Wes that his skin smelled like poop. We might have a problem on our hands now that he can smell!


Sorry, I am doing a little catching up on my blogging,
so there are several posts tonight.

Time to brag some more on my husband...
after a full day with the boys, he cooked dinner for us!
Mom, Dad, and Justin came over too. We had sticky rice and chicken!!!
So yummy!!!

I forgot to take pictures of the meal finished, I was too hungry!
Thanks Wes for a great meal and for doing the dishes after!!!

Here is BeBop and Micah playing bubbles while waiting for dinner.

My Sweet Micah James

Day with Daddy

My boys have a fantastic Daddy!
Wes was off today and I needed to go to paint,
so the boys spent the day with Daddy.
Here they are finger painting in Wes' old t-shirts.

This is just one of the many things they did today:
Painting the driveway, lunch at CiCi's, library, hike in the woods...
such a GREAT GREAT Daddy!
I am so lucky to have a wonderful father for my boys!

Jammies and Internet

Where would we be without the internet?
We were able to talk to Aunt Audrey in London
and Chris, Tonya, and the boys in Thailand this week!
So awesome that the boys can see them and they can see the boys!
We talked to Aunt Audrey and even had snack time with her too.

Then yesterday we talked for over an hour with the Chris, Tonya, and the boys.
Here are my boys talking to Corban and Esan.
They were so excited because it had been several weeks since we had talked.

They were showing each other their "McQueen cars",
trying to match each other.

And, Mommy found these pjs on sale at Target.
Daddy is not a fan of the matching...but Mommy loves it!

We are so thankful that we are able to talk to our family that lives
thousands of miles away! We love you very much!

Pumpkin Patch

On Friday I wanted to go to a pumpkin patch and take pictures.
Well, we found a orchard that had pumpkins...not quite a pumpkin patch.
But I was able to get a few pictures of the boys.
They were not really in the mood...of course!

I just love this picture of him!

When I saw these shirts at Target...
I couldn't wait to take their pictures in the pumpkins.
But it was hot, so the shirts didn't last long.

Helping Daddy with the pumpkins we got.

Can't wait for a real pumpkin patch!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Prayer Request

So...yesterday was a terrible day for Sam. His asthma is really bad right now. I had to go up to school to give him a breathing treatment and then as soon as I picked him up, he needed another. I just felt like they weren't working, so we went to the doctor. After an hour and a half at the doctor, he wasn't too much better. We are back to using the nebulizer every 4 hours. Then he has some strong cough medicine and steriods to take too. Poor thing! He can hardly talk to you when it gets going. Also he has some diarrhea and doesn't know it. What I mean is that both times he as stood up to go to the bathroom he has also gone on the floor and his pants. He goes to pull up this pants, and doesn't realize what has happened. Then starts to cry because it is all over him. Sweet baby, he doesn't remember that right now he has to sit everytime he goes to the bathroom.
Fun right? Please say a prayer that he starts feeling better. He hasn't had an asthma attack like this in over a year. The older he gets, the harder it seems to be.
Also please say a prayer for Wes. He is in the last stages of applying to HPD Academy. Yesterday he had the psychological testing and today he has the medical exam and drug testing. The next step is for his file to go to the chief of police for approval. So...please please please pray that he gets it!! He wants it so much! Actually, pray that God's will be done. That is really what we want. But we just hope that is getting into the Academy.
We will keep you updated on both of these prayer requests. Thanks so much!!!


Colson Richelle

We finally got to meet sweet Colson the other night.
As you can see, she is precious!
I meant to take more pictures of her with the boys,
but I was too busy holding her the whole time!
Going to Target to shop for her was the best!
I love shopping in the little girl section...maybe I need one myself...
Jon and Amanda, we are so excited for you!
You have a beautiful baby girl!
She has terrific parents already!

We love School!

The boys LOVE school!
This week Sam's class was learning about transportation.
This is the car he made at school.
He couldn't wait to eat it!

(Sorry about Micah's picture)
Micah's class was learning about Space.
Here is Micah with his spaceship.
He was so proud!!! Isn't it cute?

I had no idea how great school would be for the boys!
Thank you God for school!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

We had such a wonderful weekend!
We went to Camp Creek with 3 other couples from church.
We had a great time being together and strengthening our marriage
at the same time! We all have boys and they loved being together too!

Here is Sam and Caleb,
they are best buds and only 6 weeks apart.

Going for a walk...Sam is collecting things from our nature walk.

Jenny and Caleb

Tim and Caleb

Jenny and Baby Timothy

Kenneth and Aiden

Erika, Dennis, and Jaden

Our Family

Tim, Jenny, Caleb, and Timothy

Micah loves Timothy

Sam was not sure what to think of the fish he caught.

Erika and Jenny with the babies

Aracely and Micah fishing...Aracely caught the most fish!

Going for a boat ride
It was really cool, but the boys loved it!
They each took turns driving the boat, that they really loved!

Roasting marshmallows for our s'mores...yummy!

God has blessed us so much by placing these couples in our lives.
We meet every Sunday night together
for a time to encourage each other and help strengthen our marriages.
It was a wonderful weekend!