Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!
I am married to most amazing man that is a fantastic father to my boys!
I love being the mother of his children and I love him more every time I see him with our boys.
Wes is so great at loving, playing, and caring for our boys.
I know that he is teaching them to be amazing men and I am so proud!
I hope the boys grow up to be just like him one day!

For Father's Day I made him a box to eat his peanuts covered in a Texas map.
He loved it! I was so fun making it too!

The boys also helped me make it and helped me with the homemade card.
We also gave him some devotionals for men that are on cd to listen to in the car.
I know he is so busy and wanting to find time to do his devotionals.
They are each 7-10 minutes long...which is perfect for his drive to the academy.

His day started with letting him sleep in and making him breakfast in bed.
Then he got to decide everything we did yesterday.
We took him to lunch after church...

He took a long nap, sat on the back porch and read his book, and then we all went for a walk. You know my man...he loves to be outside!
Then we fixed breakfast for dinner.
It was a fun day spent with my boys.
Happy Father's Day Wes!
I love you whole bunches!!!

Date Night #4

Project 52
Date Night #4

This date night was a little more low key. I was in Tulsa at the beginning of the week and then with Mom's birthday and Father's Day...I didn't do my usual date night.

Here is the basket:

Something Old: knowing that we both love Oatmeal Raisin cookies
Something New: Playing Would You Rather and learning about each other

Our Oatmeal Raisin cookies were yummy!

I forgot to take a picture of us...but we had fun playing the game too.
I added a little twist to the game, so you can add to it to make it fun.
We had fun even though it was a simple date night

Stay tuned for Date Night #5...

Toy Story 3 and Pop Pop

My boys have been SO excited about Toy Story 3 coming out...
we bought our tickets for the opening day a week ahead of time.
It was been been seeing them so excited.

Here they are in their pjs that we found at Wal-Mart:
Woody and Buzz

Sam had to make sure that he had the whole outfit for
Cowboy Woody
The day we saw the movie they wanted to wear their pjs all day and they even had
Toy Story Mac n Cheese for lunch

We all went to see the movie with them...
BeBop, Pop Pop, Aunt Audrey, Daddy, and one of Wes' buddies from the academy.
BeBop got them matching shirts to wear to the movie...
Can you see the excitement in their faces?

Here we are waiting in line and eating some of our popcorn early

Micah was ready...isn't he cute?

Waiting for it to start...yes, Sam has earplugs that he used to wear for swimming.
He doesn't like that it is so loud in the movie and I thought this might help him.

After the movie we took Pop Pop to eat for Father's Day while Audrey was in town.
For Father's Day I made him a box that he could use to eat peanuts.
I told you I have been in a creative mood lately...

Everything was UT colors...even his homemade card.
We took him to Pappadeaux's and ate in the wine room.
Happy Father's Day Pop Pop!

Our next movie will be Cars 2...

Trip to Tulsa

This last week we took a short trip to Tulsa.
My mom's sister had come to visit for her birthday and so we went with Mom to bring her home.
It was a short and eventful trip.

While we were there it rained and rained the first day we were there.
No fun... and no where for the boys to release their energy.
We did get to see Mam Maw for a little while,

And go eat with cousins...
Micah and Sean are 2 months apart...aren't they cute?

Sweet Christian

On the way home, we stopped to see Great Granny, my dad's mom.

But while we were in Tulsa, we had a little accident.
Sam and Micah were playing on the pull out couch and Mommy was trying to watch the Bachelorette. (Yes, I felt like a terrible mother for not paying attention to my children and watching a stupid reality show) Well, the playing got a little it does with two BOYS only 16 months apart, and Sam hit his head on the metal bars in the bed.
Off to the ER we went at 9pm. Tulsa has a great pediatric the experience was better than I expected it to be. We didn't get back to the hotel until 1am.
Sam got 4 staples on his head!

But Sam did great! He is so tough! I was super proud of him!!

Today he got the staples removed and again, he was a trooper!
His doctor wrapped him in a sheet like a burrito and just pulled them out.
Sam did great and cried just a little. I think she was pulling his hair more than hurting him.
So glad to have them out so we can go swimming again!

Date Night #3

Project 52
Date Night #3

Here is the Date Night basket that I gave Wes:

Photo books, home video, and 2 cups and an ice cream scoop

Milkshakes and Memories

First we made milkshakes together...yummy!!!

Then we looked through our wedding album and other photo books. So funny to see how much we have changed in only 6 years. And then we watched videos that Wes had made me while we were dating. So funny! Wes got really embarrassed watching some of them...that was the best!
I also had put videos of the boys when they were little in the basket and we didn't have time to watch those...
we will have to save those for another date night.

It was really fun looking back on our marriage and when we first starting dating...
I love Wes more today than I did in those pictures...
I never thought that would be was possible.

Stay tuned for Date Night #4...this is really fun dating Wes at home, you should try it!

Happy Birthday BeBop!!!

My wonderful momma turned 60 last week. She is such a great mom,
I really wanted to do something special for her this year.

Her first surprise was that Audrey flew in from London to be there on her birthday.
We picked up Aud from the airport the day before Mom's birthday.
Then we waited until the morning of her birthday to surprise Mom.
She was shocked and so excited!!!

I made these shirts for the boys to wear when we went over to Mom's house to
surprise her with Audrey and take her to breakfast.

So easy to make...and super cute!

Mom's sister, Susan, was there the whole week to be with Mom for her birthday.
We all went to eat at The Taste of Texas for dinner...yummy!!!

Sam loves his Aunt Audrey so much...she is his girlfriend right now!

We all wanted pictures with the birthday girl...

Aunt Audrey and Micah James

Here is the book that I made for Mom.
I wanted to get 60 of her friends and family to write her a note telling how much they loved her and different memories that they have with Mom. I ended up getting 72 notes for her book.
Thank you so much to everyone who helped me with this book by writing notes.
It turned out great!!!

Here are all the decorations that I put up in my house for her family party

I was feeling creative this week...her is the banner that I made.
It was pretty simple to make and it turned out so cute!

Here is her book all ready to give her

Mom, Audrey, and Aunt Susan looking through a picture album that I put together full of pictures of Mom through the years...starting when she was a little girl.

Mom wanted pie instead of cake...


1/2 C sugar
1/4 C instant coffee granules
1 C boiling water
8 C milk
1 qt vanilla ice cream, softened
1 qt chocolate ice cream, softened

in a small bowl, combine the sugar and coffee.
stir in boiling water until dissolved.
cover and refrigerate until chilled.
just before serving, pour coffee mixture into a 1 gallon punch bowl.
stir in milk.
add scoops of ice cream.
stir until melted.

Everyone looking at pictures of Mom

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom looking at her book with all the notes...

She LOVED it!!! She was so excited to see all different people in the book.

The boys put their shirts back on to get a picture with BeBop

And the boys did a puppet show for all of us to end the night

Happy Happy Birthday Mom!
I hope that you had a great day!
I love you so much and I am so blessed that you are my mom!