Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Super Mom

I feel like I could take on the whole world today. I went to the Wal-Mart with both boys and actually bought a cart full of groceries. And I did it all by myself!!! This is a huge deal! I put Micah in the front backpack thing we have and then Sam in the cart. It was great! Micah slept most of the time and I got Sam some McDonald's to eat while I shopped. That is the trick. They did awesome. If I don't wear Micah then his carseat takes up the whole basket and you have no where to put groceries. It was almost ugly when we were only there about 5 minutes and I realized that I forgot Micah's pacifier in the car. But not to worry...you just buy more. So we headed to the baby section and opened a package. But don't worry, I put it in my mouth before I put it in Micah's. Shauna, I have no idea how you shop with three. Well, I guess they can walk at a certain age...silly me!

After we mastered the grocery shopping thing, next was cooking a real meal. Poor Wes, for the last 2 months (probably longer) we have been eating something that was frozen before we ate it or it came from a box. So tonight I thought I would actually cook and while I was at it, why not cook for two other friends who just had babies. So, I fixed 3 huge pans of King Ranch Chicken. I added some yummy greenbean bundles and a fruit pizza for dessert. I think Wes was happy!

So today I was a mommy and a wife. Usually I am just a mommy...but I am starting to feel sorry for Wes. He is an amazing husband. He helps me so much with the kids and never complains about the house or how I look. So today I decided to take a shower before he came home and have this great meal. I need a few tips from those of you who have mastered doing this on a regular basis because I am exhausted now! My Abilene Mom, that means you!

Here are a few more pictures of my boys.

Monday, July 09, 2007

I am trying

Well, I was going to post something about an hour ago and I started reading other blogs and playing around...now it is 10:00! Way past my bed time. Not really! I have to stay awake or wake up at 10:30 to feed Micah. But, Sweet Micah is sleeping through the night!! This is very exciting! He is only 9 weeks old. I am pretty happy about it. I think Sam slept through the night at 10 weeks, maybe. I don't remember. Anyway, he sleeps from 10:30 to 5. That is sleeping through the night when it comes to newborns. I should be a much happier person since I get to sleep longer...but for some reason it is the opposite for me. I think I need to sleep from 8 to 8 to be happy. It will be years before I can do that again.

Wes was gone tonight so I had both boys by myself. I am getting pretty good at reading stories, brushing Sam's teeth, praying, and putting him to bed... all while nursing Micah. The things you do when you are a mom. They can be kinda scary.

I am going to include a picture. Just because I want you to see my boys. Aren't they sweet?

Saturday, July 07, 2007


I am finally adding an entry to our blog. I have been telling several of you that I would do this about a year ago. Now that I have two children, it seems that I have lots more time to be on the computer. Two children, WOW! My boys are almost 17 months apart and they love each other. Sam is so sweet! I was a little nervous about how he would act and what he would do. But he just wants to kiss on Micah all the time. And two kids are not as bad as I thought...for now. It gets a little crazy when they both want something, like when they both want to eat at the same time. But I love my boys!
Sam is now a big boy because he is sleeping in a big boy bed! For those of you that are moms will understand that this is very sad and very exciting all at the same time. It is sad because my baby is getting big! He has started to eat his cereal by himself with a spoon and tell me what he wants. But it is very exciting because I don't have to do as much for him as I did when he was smaller. It is fun to watch him become a little person with his own personality.

Here is an example of his little personality. He has a cowboy room now and so he wanted to wear some of the things in his room. Isn't he cute? Notice the straight face, no smile.
I am going to try better about posting. But like I said, I have so much time now that I have two children.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Things I Wasn't Prepared to Say to My Kids

I'm going to try to add to this one as often as I have these moments. There were things I was prepared for as a dad - roughhousing, dirtiness, loudness, lots of energy, general boy stuff. There have been, and will continue to be, many moments like these. The following are a couple of those comments that caught me by surprise. If you've got any of your own, post them for me to read.

1) "Sam! Don't hit your brother with a hammer!" Sam has a toy hammer that makes sounds when you hit it on something. He tried it out on the wall, a coffee table, my head, then his little brother. Micah is tough.

2) "Sam, you can't stand on Micah." I think this one is pretty self-explanatory, eh?

3) "Dirt doesn't taste too good, does it?" Sometimes, a dad has to let his son learn these things for himself.

As boys, it's our job to try out how things taste. Dirt - scratch one more off the list (which includes mulch, leaves, crayons, ...).

As dads, it's our job to watch, encourage, enjoy, remember, keep 'em safe and clean 'em up afterward. Dads are big boys in nice clothes ready to mud it up if their sons get that look on their faces.