Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas with GiGi and Sir

Wes was able to take off a few days and we actually got to go to Kerrville!
I am pretty sure this was the best present Gigi got... she loves it when we come to Kerrville.

We had a great time eating Christmas cookies,
being together,
and eating more Christmas cookies!
The first morning we were there, Sir had a game for the boys.
He and Gigi hid candy canes all around the house.
Then each of the boys got a little bag.
As they found each candy cane,
Sir would give them a gold dollar.

Pretty fun game if you ask me. The boys liked it too!

We weren't planning on doing present until later that night,
but when the boys see presents...all they want to do is open them!
Sir decided that they could open a one present every hour.

It turned out to be a pretty good idea because it gave them time to play
with that toy before they opened a new one.

Thank you for my Arbonne foot scrub!
We gave Gigi 3 years worth of Camp Gigi books.
She has been asking me to make them for a while, so she was pretty excited!

While we were talking to our cousins in Thailand...there was a knock at the door.
An elf had brought a note and pjs for the boys. He is a pretty amazing elf, because
he also knocked on the door at the cousin's house in Thailand. He left a note telling the boys they had pjs to look for at their house too.

He hides the pjs somewhere in the house and the boys have to find them.
We are so thankful for technology because the boys are able to
all open their pjs together. And they always have matching pjs.

Trying to take a picture with their cousins. Usually they all wear their pjs,
but the cousins were about to leave for school. They are 12 hrs ahead of us.
My sweet boys in their new Christmas pjs

Time for stockings!

At some point we had to make more cookies because we had eaten all the ones that
Gigi had made before we got there.

While we made cookies, Wes played with his new Christmas present!

Gigi reading our Christmas story for that night.
Poor Micah, his cough was terrible...so the usual breathing treatment.
Sam and Micah with their Gigi and Sir
We love you very much!!!
Thank you for a wonderful Christmas!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Gingerbread House

Every year we make a gingerbread house with BeBop.
Usually we make our cookies that day too, but this year we had to
turn it into two days. With Sam in school, we don't have too many days.

The boys look forward to this every year!

Of course eating the candy while you make the house is the best part!
BeBop lets the boys do whatever they want. So you know they had a great time!

LOVE the finished house!!! Looks great!

Thanks BeBop!!! We love you very much!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Great Granny

We made the trip to Keller to see Great Granny,
she was tickled to get to see the boys!

We love you Great Granny!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Programs

Micah had his program at school. I was a little nervous about it because
last year he wanted nothing to do with singing on stage. We talked it up this year.
Told him he could have ice cream after...
But nothing worked. The kid does not like to be in front of people!

Sam was the same way in the 3s class, but during his 4s class...
we turned a corner and hasn't looked back.

He does great! This year he was Joseph in the church program.
He didn't have any speaking parts. While someone read the passage,
the kids acted out the story. But he was so proud to be Joseph.

Sam and Weston (Weston was a shepherd)
Micah's part was first. After the way he acted during his school program,
I wasn't counting on him singing at all.

BUT HE DID!!! And I was beaming. I was sooo proud of him.
And I think he was pretty proud of himself too!

Sam wasn't too excited that he had to stand next to a girl.
But he did awesome!

Then it was off to get our picture with Santa.
First we were greeted by Mrs. Claus.

Micah and Addy
Telling Santa everything they want for Christmas

I was super proud to be their momma that night!
My boys did great! And getting a cute Santa pictures makes me happy too!