Thursday, August 27, 2009

1st Day of Preschool!!!

The boys had their first day of preschool today.
It was a big deal here at our house!
Sam was so excited! He couldn't wait to get to school.
When we got there this morning, he had his seat belt off and
his backpack on before we knew it.
Micah was excited too, but a little unsure.
Here are the pictures that we took this morning.

Well, Sam had a fantastic day!
When he got in the car we asked him about his day
and he replied with a huge smile "I had a great day!"
My heart just beamed! I was so happy for him!
His teachers seemed to love him, which makes me even happier.
Micah on the other hand, had a hard day. Those are the words of his teacher.
He cried a little when we left, but I thought he would be okay.
I guess he just cried some all day. He didn't eat his lunch but did take a nap.
He was pretty excited to see us! But when you ask if he had a
good day, he says he did. So I guess that is a good thing.
We will go again Tuesday, so hopefully he will do better.

My boys go to school...WOW! Such a weird feeling.
They are getting big, I am not sure I like it.
I was surprised that I didn't cry today. I did really good.
Wes and I had a great day together without kiddos.
We ended the day with pizza and new shoes for the boys.
It was a good day!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bubble Bath

Preschool and Homework

So the boys start preschool in the morning. We tried getting them to bed early,
but it is 9:15pm and Sam is still awake. He is just in there reading.
I hope this doesn't mean he is going to have a bad day tomorrow.
He is really excited. He had some homework to do that
we got last night at Open House. It is a puzzle piece.
Each child in his class has a piece and then they make a huge puzzle.
Isn't that cute? Here is Sam's first homework assignment.

I am a little nervous about Micah. I think he is going to have
a hard time parting from Mommy tomorrow.
I really hope that he has a great day. I think it is going to be
pretty hard on me. Wes has the day off, so I am glad that we can spend
the whole day together and he can be with me to drop and pick up the boys.
Then we have plans to go eat pizza tomorrow night. It is going to be a great day!

BeBop and PopPop are home from London!!!

Yesterday we picked up BeBop and PopPop from the airport and
we are so glad that they are home!
We missed them lots and lots!

We are also glad because it meant that their puppies when home.
They had a little too much fun in our backyard.

The guilty ones:

and Rufus

We still love them...but glad that they went home!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A day in the life

My friend Megan did a post like this and I loved it. So... here is our Saturday before the boys start preschool.

4:00am- Hear crying in the other room. Micah wakes for no reason. He has been doing this a lot lately. Wake up Wes so he can put Micah back to sleep.

6:00am- Hear a little voice calling for Mommy. It is sweet Micah James. I put in him our bed and we both go back to sleep.

7:00am- Turn on Super Why so I can go back to sleep and Micah will lay still.

7:30am- Micah can't stand it anymore...we have to get up. First thing, put my parents dogs
outside. We have 4 dogs at our house right now. They will be here until Tuesday...can't
wait to have only one dog.

8:00am- Wes gets out the bed. Sam is still sleeping, which never happens. He is so tired! Make
Micah into Super Why with his blanket as his cape and watch Wes fly him around the house.

8:05am- Wes goes out to turn on the sprinklers. Everyone in Houston got rain last night but us! Sam is yelling from his bed, "Can I get up?" Such a good kiddo, he won't ever get out of his bed unless he asks. We told him this when he was 18 months and moved to his big bed. We have tried to tell him that he is old enough to just get up when he wakes up now, but so far he can't break his routine.

8:15- Fix breakfast...not sure what we are going to have.

8:20am- Decide to go get donuts. Micah gets pink with sprinkles and Sam gets chocolate with sprinkles!

9:40am- Back from breakfast, move sprinklers, take dogs out to go to bathroom. Dogs get muddy because they have been digging and the sprinklers made it muddy. Lock up dogs because I don't want to wash the dogs. Start straightening house from yesterday, fell asleep on the couch last night and did nothing.
Wes leaves to go shoot his gun. I went to the movies Thursday night so it is his turn to have some time to himself. Hope he doesn't stay gone too long. Boys are playing in playroom.

10:00am- Try to figure out G-mail and talk to mother-in-law on the computer.

10:30am- Decide to take the boys swimming at the neighborhood pool. Let boys watch Handy Manny while I get everything together.

11:00am- Leave to go swimming at the pool. Packed lunch to take with us so we can do naps when we get back! Almost forgot to turn off the sprinklers.

1:00pm- Back from the pool. Micah had to sit in timeout for running, but other than that they did great! Wes came right before we left to help us get to the car. So glad!!!
Mom and Dad call from London as we walk in the door so we Skype with them for a while. Boys have a total meltdown!

1:30pm- Sam goes down for a nap.

2:00pm- Micah goes down for a nap. Micah needed some Mac and Cheese because he didn't want his PB&J at the pool.

2:15pm- Finish cleaning up the house, do a load of laundry, fold laundry from yesterday, and work on this blog.

3:00pm- Wes leaves for work. He has to work until 1am today because of the tax free weekend, YUCK! Thinking about painting a few more plates to get ahead of the game. But don't want to!

3:15pm- Micah wakes up and snuggles with me on the couch.

3:30pm- Sam wakes up. Didn't get any painting done. Sit on couch trying to figure out what are going to do for the rest of the day.

3:45pm- Decide to run errands: Pets Smart, Office Max, Toy Store, and Walmart. Didn't make it to Wal-Mart. Micah gets in trouble for not staying with me. The usual!

6:00pm- Stop at Sonic to get the boys dinner. Don't feel like fixing something at home.

6:15pm- Get home and feed the boys their corn dogs from Sonic. Turn on sprinkler in the front yard.

6:45pm- Boys are finished eating and are watching Blue's Clues(Sam's new favorite show) I am finishing what I didn't finish earlier: Straightening up the house and putting away laundry.

7:45pm- Give boys bath. Sam has to sit on his bed for throwing a fit about taking a bath. He is tired of taking bathes. He is tired of doing everything that isn't super fun these days.

8:00pm- Boys finish watching Blue's Clues Goes to School and I finish folding laundry and put their pjs on them.

8:20pm- Talk about going to school, read story Llama Llama Red Pajama, say prayers, and brush teeth.

8:45pm- Quiet...Boys are in bed, Micah is asleep and Sam is reading books. Put rest of the clothes away and put the dogs to bed. Fix myself something to eat and see if I can find something good to watch.

Finish this blog and probably fall asleep on the couch.

Would love to hear about a day in your life!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ready for School

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the boys new backpacks and napmats!
Randi and her mom did such a great job!!!
Did I say that I LOVE them?
Super cute!!!
Their website is Sweetest Stitches, you should check it out!

Thank you so much Randi!
The boys love them!!!