Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Party

We had the traditional Fikes Halloween Party last weekend. I don't know how it started, but we have had a party every year since we got married. It was a lot of fun. We didn't have too many people this year, guess cold season is here, but the boys had fun. I forgot to take pictures of all the cute Halloween desserts and decorations. But don't worry, lots of the kiddos. 
Here is Pirate Sam and his sweet girlfriend, Marin. (she lives 2 doors down)
Sam, Marin, and Sy. 
Notice that Micah is missing because was not excited about his costume.
The cutest pirate EVER!!!
Sam and his BeBop, she made his costume. 
Thank you BeBop! You did an awesome job!!!
We added a hayride to the party this year. The kids loved it! 
Here is Ellie and her mommy, Rachel. 
Sam and Micah with BeBop and Aunt Audrey on the hayride.
Micah was not into pictures that night! 
The Fikes Fam
We finally got one picture with Micah in his costume.
Hope you have a great Halloween! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Zoo Boo

Saturday Wes and I took the boys to the zoo. The Houston Zoo has what they call Zoo Boo on the two weekends before Halloween. Micah was not feeling too great, but we still had fun. And of course they had to wear their matching shirts! Wes loves it when they match! Yeah right! 
They had tons of pumpkins for kids. Here are the boys with their pumpkins.
Micah picked the perfect pumpkin. 
Sam's was a little small but I did good and just let him pick the one he wanted. 
Here is Sam painting his pumpkin.
Micah needed a little help. 
I could not get Micah to look at me. But here he is with his pumpkin.
And Sam with his painted pumpkin.
Micah and his Daddy. 
Micah making his Lion mask. 
Of course we can't get Micah to sit still for 2 seconds. So here is an attempt
to take a picture with my boys. 
Sam with the Halloween pumpkins. 
Micah not wanting to sit still again. 
We had a lot of fun. Stay tuned for pictures of our Halloween party this weekend. 
If you have some great Halloween dessert recipes, please share! 
Can't wait to see pictures of everyone's kiddos in their costumes, I love Halloween! 

Picnic And Sick Boys

Some of you have been asking where I have been. The answer is BUSY!!! Since Mom and I started our business, we have hit the ground running. It is awesome! We are getting a great response! I updated our website with some of the new plates. Check it out! 
I posted a few weeks ago about Micah being sick, well it turned out to be Roseola. And of course Sam got it as soon as Micah finished. Well, our newest problem is the Croupe. Micah got it Saturday morning and Sam started running a fever last night. The winter months are usually not too much fun at the Fikes' house. I don't know why we seem to catch everything! 

We did get to meet Chris and Tonya in College Station a few weekends ago, just for the day. Here are a few pictures. 

Sam and Esan were trying to play frisbee, but could not quite figure it out. 

Tonya and Chris were staying with Amy and Jon, so we got to hang out with them too. 

Corban loves being the big cousin! 

Some of Wes' friends from college joined us. It is always fun to meet his old friends and hear stories.

Sweet Teagan Race.  

We had a great time getting to the Tonya and the boys, even if it was only for a few hours! 

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Haircut Day

Today all the Fikes boys got their hair cut. Sam did awesome!
 He sat so still and did everything that he was suppose to do. 
I am not so sure he was happy about it, but he did it. 
This was Micah's first real haircut. He was not too happy, until
she pulled out a sucker! It was his first sucker, 
and he LOVED it! 
Here is my sweet Micah James with his new haircut. 
Don't worry, we still have lots of curls! 
All the Fikes boys with their new hair-dos. 
Sam with his best friend, Toby. 
Sam is going to be a pirate for Halloween, so BeBop got him a costume for his pumpkin. 
 Daddy had to help because it was kinda hard to push them into the pumpkin.
Here is Sam with his pirate pumpkin. 
On Halloween we will have to take another picture of them together. 
Aren't my boys cute?

Friday, October 03, 2008

Ready for Halloween

I love Halloween. Last weekend we pulled out all the decorations and the boys helped Mommy get the house ready for Halloween. Wes thought it was too early, but I didn't care. I love it when our house cute and festive. Here are the boys with their matching halloween shirts. 

This week was pretty stressful. Micah has been sick this last week. He was running a fever of almost 104 during the night and during the day it was around 102. After lots of tests and finding nothing, his doctor decided to treat him for a sinus infection. Well, it is working. He had 3 pieces of pizza last night and didn't wake up with a fever. We are so glad that he is feeling better. 
We were finally able to have biblestudy this week. It was my first time to go since I was sick the first week. Sam went to bible buddies and loved it. It was his first time to go to something like that and I was a little nervous. But he did great! 
This week should be a little bit more relaxed, I hope! 

Our 1st Party!!!

We had our first party on Wednesday. It was great! Thank you so much to all my sweet friends who came and bought plates. The kiddos had a great time playing together and us moms loved getting to visit. Here are a few pictures of our set up. I wanted to have some pictures of us in action, but we were too busy. The party was lots of fun and I think my friends were really excited about their plates. 

Andrew's mom was our first sale. Andrew was busy playing and was not interested in having his pictures taken, but we had to take a picture of our first sale. (Sorry I couldn't get the picture to turn) Thank you Jodie and Andrew!!! 

Meet Rufus

This is my mom's new baby, Rufus. He is the sweetest little puppy. He doesn't jump or bite the boys, he just has a sweet personality. The boys are so used to Rueben biting, that they are still scared of Rufus, but I know that they will love him soon. 

They are best friends already!