Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

When we were planning our camping trip we didn't even know about Fossil Rim.
We got a brochure at the State Park and still didn't think it was something that we would be interested in doing. One of the families camping next to us went the day before and told us that it was something we should really consider doing with the boys because they would love it!
So...we decided to try it out. I am SO glad that we did. It was only 5 miles from the state park and fantastic! The boys loved every minute!

Fossil Rim is a 1,700 acre scenic wildlife drive. You buy a bag of food and then go for a drive. All the animals come up to the truck to get food and it is amazing how many animals they have!

The first animals we saw were these zebras, isn't the baby precious?

I think the boys were really surprised how close the animals got to the truck.
They loved getting to feed them and also they loved being unbuckled.

They had a number of different animals including an ostrich,



Greater Kudu,

and Gemsbok.

We were told to feed the animals by throwing the food on the ground...
the boys were able to master that!

Toby was so good in the truck. He didn't bark or anything at the animals. But...
we got in trouble for having Toby. Apparently they had signs saying, no pets, but we didn't see them and so we were letting Toby see all the animals, thinking it was so big deal.
We got kicked out half way through the drive. Lucky for us, your ticket is good all day so we just went back to our campsite for lunch and some swimming and then went back later. I don't think we will forget next time !

I couldn't help but take lots of pictures, the animals were so pretty!
Here is a Fallow Deer

and an Axis Deer

I was really proud of the boys for feeding the Aoudad,

they were a little scared...but they were able to do it!

Feeding the giraffe was amazing! His tongue was very slimy...but so cool!
The boys were scared to feed it. I think they were worried about the tongue.
We knew when they were scared because all the sudden their window would go up.
It worked out pretty well that they felt like they could protect themselves.

It was pretty amazing how close the animals would get to us.
I think this is a European Red Deer

This Ostrich was trying to get was really funny!

This Emu looks like a girl, don't you think?

I totally freaked out when this deer came up to the truck.
Most of the animals would stop at the truck for a minute and wait for us to feed them.
This deer just pushed his face into the window and wanted food.

He is really cute, but Wes was laughing so hard at me for freaking out.

Feeding the Zebras.

Halfway through they have an area with picnic tables, gift shop, and children's animal center.
We had packed dinner and had a nice little picnic.

Isn't he amazing?

The boys took turns helping Wes drive, which they always think is the coolest thing ever!

I would recommend this to anyone! It was such a cool experience!
Also a wonderful reminder of how amazing our God is...seeing all these unique animals that he created. I hope we get to go back soon. Every time you go it would be a different experience!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thank You GiGi and Sir!

The beginning of spring break started out better than ever because we drove half way to meet GiGi and Sir and drop off the boys. We dropped them off on Saturday morning and didn't pick them up until Monday at lunch. The boys were so excited and so was GiGi and Sir! The boys had a great time playing at the beach and being with Gigi and Sir. Mommy and Daddy also had a great time spending time just the two of us! We went on several dates and just spent as much time together as possible. I always love the time we get to spend as a couple instead of being a parent. It just allows us to fall more in love with each other and gain the energy we need to be great parents to our boys. So thank you GiGi and Sir for a great few days!
(Hope to post more pictures when I get them from Gwynne)

The rest of spring break we didn't do much because when we picked up Sam on Monday, his lymph node on his neck was swollen huge and we found out that he had strep throat again!
So we just relaxed at home and enjoyed being together!

Friday, March 11, 2011

I am loved!

My amazing husband brings me flowers for no reason all the time.
Usually he takes the boys and they get to pick out the flowers. I love that he is teaching the boys that loving your wife all the time is important and making her smile for no reason is one of the great things about being in love!
I know that my boys are going to be amazing husbands one day because they have such a wonderful example to follow. I am so incredibly blessed!
I love you Wes! Thank you for being more than I could imagine!

Boys Will Be Boys!

Sunday at church the boys learned the story of Jesus healing the blind man.
Jesus made mud to put on his eyes and then when he told the man to wash his eyes, he could see! Wes and I found the boys making mud and when I went to get on to them, they told me that they were being like Jesus. Well, how do you get mad about that?

And I am pretty sure that boys and mud just go this momma just had to take pictures and hope that the mud came out of their shirts!

The Underwear Band

Just thought I would share some of things that happen at our house.
Wes and I were greatly entertained by The Underwear Band on Saturday.

They have some real talent!

Especially playing the trumpet with their noses!

Thanks Underwear Band, hope you can come over again soon!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Love for Family!

God decided a few days ago that it was time to take my Mam Maw home to be with him in Heaven. Mam Maw was my mom's mom. She was a wonderful woman that will be greatly missed! PapPaw was taken a few years back and I just think she missed him so much and was ready to be with him again. The boys and I made the trip to Tulsa with Dad and enjoyed getting to visit with all my family there!

Christian had his second birthday while we were there and we loved getting to celebrate with him! Happy Birthday Christian!

This is Sean, Christian's big brother. He is the same age as Micah.

Micah and Uncle Justin

He was very excited about his cake!

Spending time with family is priceless! So thankful we got to spend a few days with everyone!