Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rough Time

Things are not so good here at the Fikes house. The week started off like every other week. We had our small group at our house on Sunday night (we have an awesome group) and planned to start Monday just like we do every week. We have been cold free for about a month, which is really good for us in the winter months, anyway...that stupid cold stuff came knocking! Sam and Micah both woke up with yucky noses and a little cough. Well, Micah soon got a fever, which meant no school for Micah. By Tuesday he had a high fever and was starting to have diarrhea. So to the doctor we went. He had an ear infection, which explains the fever. I was somewhat glad to know what was causing the fever. Sam had a cough by this point but he was still able to go to school, no biggie. WELL...yesterday started with Micah's diaper leaking and getting his bed soaked, followed by several diarrhea leaking diapers! Fun! It was pretty out yesterday so the boys spent a good bit of time outside yesterday. Bad Idea! About 4pm yesterday Sam's asthma attack started. And it didn't stop! After calls to his doctor and our family friend that is a doctor, I was giving him breathing treatments every 3-4 hours, cough medicine, steriods...basically everything you can think of to get his cough to stop. It would settle for a while but I was never able to get it under control. Sam went to bed at 9:30pm last night. Woke up at 2am for a breathing treatment and didn't go back to sleep until 5:30am. Micah then woke up at 6am for the day. So...Mommy had a bad bad night. Did I mention that Wes has been working overnights all week? So when he gets home at 5 or 6am he goes to bed until 1pm and then leaves again around 4:30. I was dealing with all the fun alone. We were at the doctor first thing, I love our doctor...she came in early today for us. So Sam just has a continuous cough. She couldn't hear anything in his lungs. I was so excited...I just knew she was going to say that we needed to admit him. So she gave him a big shot of steriods so that the coughing would stop. It took two nurses and me to hold him down, but he got it. I am not excited about his 4 year wellness visit because he has to get 4 shots! Anyway, I am hoping that we are on our way to recovery. Today is going to rough, but when Wes wakes is my turn to go to bed! Tomorrow is my birthday...let's hope it will be better than today!

Happy Birthday Toby!!!

Toby turned 7 yesterday...and the boys were so excited that it was his birthday.
This is what he got for his birthday...a huge bone.
But in the future...I will not let him eat the whole thing,
he threw up and had to go outside twice last night because of that bone!

We love Toby! He is the best dog...really! He lets the boys do whatever they want to him,
including ride him like a horse and play swords with him.
He is also great with all the other kiddos that are coming through our home.
He is a perfect vacuum cleaner and snuggle buddy on the couch!
He was my first baby and I love him lots!
So, Happy Birthday Tob!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

He Made It!!!!

We are SO excited!!!
Wes got the call this last week that he has been accepted to the
Houston Police Academy!!!
It has been a year of waiting, but we are so happy to get the good news!
When Wes got the call he started yelling, he was so happy.
I have not seen Wes smile so big in a long time!
God is so good! He is taking care of us, just like he promised!

The academy starts March 29th and will last 6 months.
He will then ride around with a senior officer for 6 months.
So about a year before he will be on his own as a
Houston Police Officer!!!

The boys had lots of questions. Sam wanted to know if he would still live with us.
Micah keeps saying that he wants to be a police officer too.
They are very excited for their daddy.
I am so proud of Wes! This last year as been difficult at times,
but I really think it has brought us closer together and closer to God.
He promised that He would take care of us and it can be hard to trust that at times,
but He has taken care of us and we are so excited to start this new stage of our life.
Congratulations Honey! I love you so much
and I am excited to start this new adventure with you!!!

Sam's Room

Sam's room is finished!!!
Two rooms in one week was a little much, but they are finished!
Wes made the loft so that Sam's train table would fit under his bed.
It turned out great and there is much more room now.
Sam loves sleeping on his loft too!

We have had all this cowboy stuff for a long time...
just took us a while to put it on the walls.

It turned out good. I was going to put chalkboard paint on the bottom half of his room,
until I was reading on the internet about it and found an article saying it was not a
good idea for kids with asthma because of the chalk dust. So plan B is the red, but it turned out
looking great! Sam loves his new room!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Micah's room

Micah's room has always been the nursery. It was Sam's nursery,
and then became Micah's nursery. So it has looked the same for 4 years.
It was time for Micah to have a big boy room.
So Wes and I decided to tackle the project together this week.

(I hate when my pictures don't turn)

It turned out really cute! I am so proud of it!

Micah loves it!

Now to finish Sam's room...


These are just some of things that we have been doing the last few weeks since Christmas.

The boys enjoying their bikes

The morning of Aunt Audrey's birthday, I asked Sam what should we get her for her birthday.
He very plainly said, "She needs a walking talking me!" So I am thinking...okay, how do we do this. I was just going to wrap a bow around him. But Sam had other plans. he wanted to be wrapped in a box, and since Sam was going to be wrapped...Micah had to be wrapped too.

Aunt Audrey and Uncle Taylor were so surprised!

We had pizza for their birthdays, here are the delivery boys

Happy Birthday Aunt Audrey! We love you!!!

Micah playing with his Zippy that he got from Christmas

Super Why taking a nap

Wes re-did Sam's train table

And here are all the christmas decorations that my sweet husband had to carry to the attic!

Hope you are enjoying your christmas goodies at your house!

New Years and Fireworks

So sparklers were a huge hit at our house this year!
Here are a few pictures of our New Years Eve

BeBop, Pop Pop, and Micah trying to say warm

Sam didn't like the loud fireworks, so this was our solution

New Years Day...more sparklers

The boys were fascinated with the snakes

Hope you had a wonderful New Years!