Sunday, August 28, 2011


Micah is on this spinach kick. He loves it! He asks to it all the time and just eats it plain. Once Wes told him that he would be strong like Popeye, we can't get him to stop eating it. Which is a great thing...but very odd for a 4 year old, don't you think?

He is my veggie eater...wish his brother would do the same!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


The first week of school was a lot harder on me than I thought it would be. I was just very emotional and overwhelmed all at the same time. Wes was so understanding and supportive!
He came home one day with my favorite roses. Just because. He spoils me all the time. I don't deserve such an amazing husband, but I am sure glad he is mine!!

I love you so much, Wes!! Thank you for loving me!

I wanna be like Daddy

LOVE that my boys want to be like their Daddy! I hope their Daddy will always be their hero!
I am beyond blessed to have such an amazing man to lead my boys! I know that is why God has blessed me with boys, because I have a wonderful husband to father them and be the example God wants them to be. I hope they grow up to be just like him!

Friday, August 26, 2011

1st Week Report

Day 2, I made sure to bring Toby and it was a much much better day! After Mrs. Howard explained how everything works at school, things were great! I love the conduct chart in Mrs. Howard's room- everyone starts on green. They can move down to yellow, orange, and then red(which is not good)...BUT they can move up to blue! LOVE this! It is something that the good kids can work towards and Sam has come home on blue everyday!
He is now loving Kindergarten and Mrs. Howard hung the moon in Sam's eyes (we think she is great too)

Friday we took lunch to school and ate with Sam. It was so fun to see him with all the other kids. He is a big kid now!! Going to eat lunch with him was pretty special!
Their Daddy decided they needed something to show them we are proud of them and that they had a great first week of school. Those boys have him wrapped around their finger!
They each got a happy napper, they were pretty excited!
Sam never naps and he was out cold on Saturday afternoon. The first week of school wore him out! Sweet boy!

We walk to pick up Sam everyday. Here are the boys on their way home on day. It is really hot right now, the umbrella is just for a little shade. It will be nice when it cools off a little bit.
So glad Sam is loving school!! I am very proud of my boys!

Teacher Gift

With you as my TEACHER, I'll be one SMART COOKIE!

These are the gifts we gave the boy's teachers on the first Friday after a great first week of school!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I don't have the words to describe how blessed we are to have such sweet boys.
I was packing the boys lunch for school one morning and I look over while they are eating their breakfast and they are praying together for their food. And praying that they would be blue birds...not sure what that was about, but still sweet!

So very thankful for my amazing boys!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Micah's 1st Day of Pre-K

Micah is so excited to now be in the 4's class at school!
Last year Micah cried everyday when I dropped him off. Everyday! So this year we are really hoping that he can overcome this attachment he has to me. We will see. Here we are at Meet the Teacher:

Micah and Colter are in same class this year. I am super excited about it. I hope that it helps Micah with going to school and I get to see Steph every morning!!
Micah James on his first day of Pre-K

Wes and I were both there to drop him off. LOVE that Wes was with us for the first few days of school. Micah cried a little when we dropped him off. But he was excited too!

Love our Sweet Micah!

Monday, August 22, 2011

1st day Report

So...I could hardly wait to pick up Sam from school! I was so excited to hear all about his day, his new friends, his new teacher, and just hug on him. We decided to drive to pick him up and just park close, so that we could surprise him with a trip to get ice cream. That was a huge mistake! I had told him that we would walk to pick him up and that we would bring Toby with us. Well, I didn't have Toby when we went to pick him up and he starts crying as soon as he sees me. I felt like the worst mom in the whole world at this point. Then Sam starts telling me that he had a terrible first day of school. What?!? I never expected that to be his response! He had a page that he was suppose to color at school, which said " I had a great first day of school"...Sam had marked through the word 'great', because his day was NOT great! I had no words! What happened??? Apparently Mrs. Howard had to correct the class several times during the day and when she did, she would say " boys and girls". Well, Sam thought he was getting in trouble every time she said "boys and girls". So I tried to explain to him that she can't name everyone in the class and that is how she is going to talk to the whole class and you are not in trouble. "No Mom...she needs to say 'except Sam' if she isn't talking to me". Oh brother!! So again, I tried to explain to him that unless he is doing something wrong, she isn't talk to him. Well, it took me emailing his teacher and her talking to him about it for him to finally understand.
He is very literal and now only listens to what Mrs. Howard says... I have realized that Mrs. Howard has already found a special place with Sam!

Celebrating the first day of school with ice cream

Hoping Sam has a better second day of school!

Boo Hoo Brunch

I hosted a Boo Hoo Brunch at my house that morning after we dropped off Sam,
for all my friends that have Kindergarteners.
It was so nice to be with other moms that were having all the same emotions
and it made the day go by faster.

We had mimosas to "turn our frowns upside down"
and everyone brought a yummy brunch dish.
LOVE having such wonderful friends!!!

1st Day of Kindergarten!!!!

One of my favorite books, "The Kissing Hand", my mom gave me when I left for college.
So the day before Sam started school, I wanted to read it to him so he would know that his momma's love is with him all the time!

With my sweet Sam (and crazy Micah behind the couch!)

His favorite breakfast, blueberry muffins

My Sam on the first day of Kindergarten!

Walking to school

Ready for the big day

Daddy and Sam

Sam and his friend Seth

In line with his class...

At his table, ready to start his day

They had a breakfast in the library for all the kindergarten parents.
Micah was excited for Sam to be starting school at first, but by the end of the day...he was really missing his big brother!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet the Teacher

To be honest, Sam and I were both a little nervous about Meet the Teacher.
I have been excited for Sam all summer. I know Sam is going to do great in Kindergarten. I am not worried about him at all. I haven't been sad. I haven't let myself really think about it.
But this week it hit me! I am not going to see him everyday. He is going to be gone from 8:30 to 4 everyday!! That is a long time! He is growing up!! He is a big kid now! I had one really good cry this week, so I was hoping I would be okay.

Having been a teacher, I felt like I would get a pretty good feel for his teacher just by seeing her room. Well, it was precious! Her theme is Dr. Seuss and it looked so fun!!
Lots of bright colors, centers, and a fun reading corner!

Sam loves Dr. Seuss and he was super super excited to see his room!
Meet Mrs. Howard, Sam's Kindergarten teacher!
There was just something about Mrs. Howard...I just knew she was going to be a great fit for us!
And I have to say that I did great! No tears! I had such a good feeling about his teacher and the school...I was so happy for Sam!!
We can't for school to start!!