Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Happy Easter!

Today we had lots of our friends over for a little Easter party!
We colored eggs, had an egg hunt, and ate lots of yummy Easter goodies.
It was a wonderful day!

There are lots of pictures so that I could show everyone the pictures that came today.
Hope you enjoy!

Sam was so excited about today.
He just couldn't wait to color his eggs.
Micah enjoyed just dropping the eggs in the water,
and making a big mess. As usual!

This is Vince and Caleb. They are both the same age as Sam.

Micah got a semi hair cut this morning. Needs a little work still.

Rachel and Ellie

Our favorite neighbors:

Sarah and Marin

Alison and Sy

Mandy and Jalen

Karla and Leon
(sorry about the picture)

Trying to help Sam put stickers on his eggs.
Micah was not too interested.

Ellie, Micah, Jalen, Sam, and Vince waiting for the egg hunt

All the kiddos with their baskets
Ellie, Marin, Micah, Jalen, Sam, Vince, and Caleb
(oops...we are missing Justice)

Marin finding eggs for her basket

Sam with his eggs

Egg hunt

Jenny and her boys, Timothy and Caleb

Vince and Micah

Miss Ellie with her sticker earrings!

We don't want to forget Baby Jaden in his Easter clothes!

Thanks everyone that came today!
It was a blast!!!
We are so blessed to have you as friends!

Friday, April 03, 2009


Today we went to the Butterfly Museum with the girls from church.
The boys loved it!
We took Sam when he was younger, but he really enjoyed it this time.

We have a book about Dung Beetles,
so he wanted his picture with them.

Here are the boys looking for butterflies

Caleb, Sam, Micah, and Vince

Micah trying to find his butterfly on the chart

So proud of his butterfly!

Vince, Micah, Sam, Caleb, and Jalen.
(Justice was not into taking pictures today)

We had a picnic after the butterflies.
It was a great day!
We love our friends from church so much!!!


Last night we took the boys to the zoo. They have something called Zoobilee for members only. It was really fun. The kids get passports that they get stamps when they get to different parts of the zoo. Sam loved trying to get all the stamps. We had a great time!

We love it when Daddy gets to come with us!

My favorite part is the orangutans. Here is the oldest one.
He was just sitting there next to the glass.

After they got all their stamps, they got a prize.
Here is the boys with their masks from their prize sack.

Micah's favorite part is seeing the giraffes.

This is the new baby. It was weird to see a small giraffe.

And the new baby elephant.

Tim and Caleb joined us when Tim got off work.
Sam and Caleb are only 6 weeks apart.
They are best buds!

Sam is older, but Caleb is a lot taller!

We had a great night! We were there until it closed at 8,
and Sam slept until 8:00...which never happens.
We need to go to the zoo more often!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Day to Remember

Four years ago today was a pretty special day for Wes and I. I had been feeling pretty bad and a little worried that I might be pregnant. We had just bought season passes to Six Flags (back when Houston had a Six Flags) and were planning on going the next day. I decided that I should probably take a test before I got on the roller coasters and to my surprise...I was pregnant.

So, I hollered at Wes and when he came into the bathroom...he stopped and smiled and said "April Fools". I tried to convince him that this was not an April Fools and we really were going to have a baby. 4 tests later and a call to one of my girlfriends finally convinced Wes I did not do something to the test to make it say 'Pregnant'. I quickly started freaking out, trying to figure out when we would tell our parents and trying to deal with the fact that we were having a BABY!!!

What a wonderful surprise that Sam turned out to be! I could not image our lives without him. He is a 'Mini Me' of Wes and I would not change that for anything. He is such a blessing and I love him more than words can express. So our adventure of being parents all started on Aprils Fools.

Here are some pictures of our Sam

10 months pregnant (Sam was 10 days late)

The proud Daddy

1st birthday

Valentine's Day

2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday

We love you, Sam!
We are so happy that you were not an
Aprils Fools.