Monday, May 31, 2010

6 Years of Marriage

Wes and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on Sunday.
It is so hard to believe that we have been married that long! Really!
I am married to the most amazing man! I love him more today than the day I married him.

Here we are in Kauai, Hawaii May 30th, 2004

So this year I wanted to do something a little different for my present to him.
He is so busy in the academy and we just don't get much time together.
So, a friend introduced me to this website: Simply Modern Mom
This mom has decided to start a project called: Project 52
It is a great way to be better at setting aside time to enrich our marriage. Project 52: Date Nights; More specifically in house date nights. The main points are for us to be creative, cheap and spend quality time together. So Wes and I have committed to do date night each week with the following criteria…
  • Every Saturday night from 9 -10 p.m. is our date night. We usually have both kids in bed by 8:30 p.m.
  • Majority of the time the dates will be at home so we don’t need babysitters.
  • We rotate being in charge of date nights on a monthly basis.
  • Can’t do the same thing twice in one month.
  • Dates need to be free most of the time. If not free, then under a budget of $30. Cheaper than if we went out.
  • No children allowed.
  • Must create a date-like atmosphere. No frumpy clothes or pajamas. Make it a special event. Mind the details. But most of all, keep it simple.
If you go to her website she has this contract that you can print out and sign.
Also she has lots of ideas for your dates and so do all the other girls that are also doing
Project 52. This way you don't have to think of 52 dates all on your own.

This is what I gave Wes for his present. I had a basket full of all the things that we would need on our date:
A book that I made him on our first Valentine's Day telling about all our firsts, the box that he gave me when we had our first kiss, a Houston Zoo pass, things from Hawaii.

And a picnic basket full of all the things we ate on our first date.

Then there was an envelope that contained what we were going to do on our date:

Date Night #1: Our "firsts"
I planned for us to go the zoo and have a picnic just like we did on our first date.
I was so glad that I had made him that book to help remember all our firsts.

Here we are about to head to the zoo.

We had such a good time just walking around the zoo, holding hands and talking about things without being interrupted by the kiddos.
And there are dinosaurs at the Houston Zoo now!

I just thought this monkey was so funny because it looks like he is sitting in a jacuzzi.

And these are my favorite! We spent most of our time here.

We tried to find the same spot that we had our picnic over 6 years ago.
It was such a fun date!
I tried to make a point to hold his hand in the car, just like we did the first time we held hands.
And when we got home, we sat in front of the fireplace and Wes told me the same thing he told me right before he kissed me the first time. And then he gave me the same box with a hersey kiss inside and told me it was our last first kiss.
It was the first time we had recreated our first date too, really fun!

So we decided that every Saturday night from 9-10pm will be our date night.
I will make a basket each time full of the things we will need for the date and then Wes will open the envelope to find out what we are doing that night. I think I am going to give him the basket every Saturday morning.
Once he is out of the academy then maybe he will start planning some of the dates.
So stay tuned for those updates!

Here are the beautiful flowers Wes gave me for our anniversary.

Wes, I love you whole bunches! Thank you for a wonderful 6 years!

Sam's last game

Sam had his last soccer game on Saturday.
He has hard a hard time this season, but maybe soccer just isn't his thing...not sure!

He played out in the field the last game...but pretty much stayed in this exact spot the whole time! I think he got a few good kicks. We were so proud!

But his favorite place is goalie. He LOVES playing goalie!
And his daddy always stands by him to encourage him.

Uncle Justin and Pop Pop cheering for Sam

Ready for the ball to come!

Sam with his trophy...he was so proud!

There were only 5 players the last game.
But they were so happy to have trophies!

With Coach...

Our was super hot!

Sam and Uncle Justin

CiCi's after the game for pizza and cupcakes!

Sam and Richie

They are buddies!
Sam, we are so proud of you!!!

And after naps, the boys and I hit the pool.
I am pretty sure it is going to be our summer hangout.

Last Day of School

The boys had their last day of school on Thursday.
What a great first year of school! We were so blessed with fantastic teachers!
They both really enjoyed school!

Here are the boys back in August on the 1st day

And here they are on the last day of school

Micah on the 1st day

And the last day

He has grown up so much!

Sam on the 1st day

Sam on the last day

Such a big boy

Sam LOVED his teachers! They were amazing!
Sam with Mrs. Albright

And Mrs. Norton

Thank you! Thank you! To all their teachers, you were such a huge blessing!


GiGi and Aunt Bonnie left for Africa on Friday.
Please pray for their time while they are there and for their safe travels.

We love you GiGi and Aunt Bonnie!

Herman Park

We had a wonderful day last Wednesday with all our friends from church.
We decided to meet at the park. It was a great day for the park too!
The boys and I parked at the zoo and rode the train around.

The main attraction was the splash pad!

But they had some other fun things too...

We are so blessed to have such WONDERFUL friends!