Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wonderful Vacation!!

It is pouring down rain, both boys are sleeping, and I should be packing for yet another trip...But I could not wait to tell you about our vacation. We had the best time. Wes' aunt and uncle bought this cabin (it is really a nice size house) that we used for 10 days in Ruidoso, New Mexico. It had the most wonderful back porch where we spent every morning and every night sitting and enjoying the weather. The high while we were there got up to 80...and the nights were about 60, just perfect for a sweatshirt and jeans (my favorite outfit). Anyway, we spent a lot of time together. Not really doing much. We went shopping a couple of days and hiking one day. We went to the White Sands National Park and the zoo. We took naps and read books. We never turned on the TV and made time for each other. It was wonderful! Micah started cereal while we were there, which was interesting because we had no bibs and things got a little messy. Sam loved being outside all the time. We found this cool playground that we went to everyday, Wes and I wanted it to be our size so we could play. It was a great trip! Here are some pictures.
"Life is good!"
White Sands National Park

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Really Busy has been forever since I have added a post. I don't know what happens to my time. So this one might be long so that I can add everything that has happened.

1st I went to Tulsa with my mom for a week. We had a great time. It is so nice having my mom around being she is such a help. I never have to ask her to do anything, she just does it. We introduced Micah to my mom's side of the family and got to see my cousin's new baby, Sean. Micah is the third great grandson of four for my MamMaw. See pictures below.

On the way home from Tulsa, we stopped in Keller to introduce Micah to my dad's parents. Micah had a very big week. But everyone loved him...of course!

These are a few pictures of the boys with my dad's parents.

We had a week to be home before we left again for another trip. But while we were at home Wes and I took the boys to the children's museum. It was awesome! They have a toddler room that has door the size of Sam and a light switch and door bell his size. A small car to climb in and change the tires. It was really neat. That was only the part for toddlers. Then they have the rest of the museum which he enjoyed too. Sweet Micah just hung out in the stroller most of the time. It was a great family day.

Nope, not finished yet! Next we were suppose to go with Wes to camp. That sounded like a great idea up until I really thought about it the night before and realized that might not be such a great idea. His parents live an hour and half from this camp and so we spent the week in Kerrville with Wes' family. We drove over to camp two different days to see dad. We had a good time. Of course I have a few pictures of that too.
We are home for the rest of this week and we leave AGAIN on Tuesday to go to New Mexico. But this trip I am VERY excited about. Wes' Aunt and Uncle have a cabin and we are going with the boys to spend 10 days...just us! We are so excited. So my next entry will be about our wonderful trip. Sorry about this long entry. I will try not to wait so long between entries. I am getting a laptop for Christmas and it will not be so hard to find time to write.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Surprised by My Own Words, Part 2

As a set-up for this one, remember, our oldest boy is only 19 months.
Tricia, Sam and I were sitting down eating supper tonight, and this little bit of quote candy came flying out of my mouth: "Sam, put your gun down at the table!"
Go figure.