Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding Weekend

We went to Boerne this weekend to be part of Taylor and Jack's wedding. Taylor is someone really special to us. Taylor and Kendall lived with us before Sam was born and ever since then they have been part of the family. Taylor used to spend the night all the time and loved to babysit the boys. It was a beautiful wedding and we are so happy for her and Jack. But we are going to miss our Taylor!

We stayed in Kerrville and the boys got to see their cousins.
They had such a great time! (Sorry no pics) Here is Sam and Micah sleeping
in the same bed for the first time. Thought it was pretty cute!

(And yes, Micah sleeps with his eyes part open.
I hear he gets it from his mom.)

Taylor and Sam at the rehearsal
(not sure what sign he is throwing?)

The boys with Taylor and Kendall

Jack and Taylor

Here is the plate that Mom and I made for her.
She had one that everyone at the rehearsal signed
and another one that everyone at the wedding signed.

Sam and Mollie
Let me tell you about Mollie...Sam has a huge crush on Mollie.
Mollie is one of Taylor's best friends and lived with Taylor
and Kendall in Houston. So she would come over with the girls all the time.
Well, at the wedding...Sam wanted to be with Mollie all the time
and asked her to dance several times.
It was really cute!!! So when I said I was going to take a picture
of them, he quickly put his arm around her for the picture.

Sam and Kendall

Sam and Taylor

Sam and Jack
(Micah didn't want his picture taken with anyone)

But don't worry, he didn't miss the strawberry cupcakes!

I just love this picture of the boys!

Mommy and the boys

Finally, a good family picture!!!

Wes and his boys

Josh was an intern for Wes with Taylor one summer
and he flew in for the wedding.

Sam loved getting to dance with all the girls at the wedding!

Especially the bride!

We love you Taylor and Jack!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

To Aunt Audrey

We love you Aunt Audrey!
We can't wait to talk to you on the computer.

Sending our love all the way to London!


We had a great day yesterday! We took the boys to the beach. When I told Sam that we were going to the beach, he said "the real beach, mom?" They were so excited when we got there! They just stood and watched the waves with huge grins when we first got there.

We ended the day by going to eat with some of our good friends, Jon and Amanda.
They are having a baby in October and it was fun to see them and talk baby with them.
It was a perfect day, but man...I was so tired by the end of the day!
I love it when that happens!
Sam was ready to go back to the beach again today! I love summer!

Knight Costume

Thanks Esan for the knight costume, we love it!

Summer Fun with Daddy

We are just loving Daddy being home all the time!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Well, there is alot going on in the Fikes house and we really need your prayers. As you know Wes is in a transition period as far as a job. He is in the process of applying to HPD and now the Sheriff's department. He has been substituting since January and that has been going pretty well. Right now things are getting a little tough. It apparently takes a while for the whole process of get into law enforement and since it is summer, Wes can't sub either. So...we have been trying to take advantage of having Wes around and having been doing as much together as a family as possible. We are loving having Daddy around all the time, but I know that Wes is ready for a full time job. With the Sheriff's department, you work at the jail first. So he is applying for that and hopefully that will happen soon. That way he can work at the jail while waiting to hear from HPD and/or the Sheriff's academy to start. We have been encouraged by our family and friends that this is a time of faith building and we are excited to see what God has to teach us. But worrying about the bills and groceries each month is getting hard. Please keep us in your prayers and just pray that God will show Wes what plans He has in store for him. Thanks! We love all of you!


I am not really sure where I start to describe Wes as a Father. He is more than I could have hoped for in a father for my boys. The boys adore him and want to be just like him. He is just as much a part of their lives as I am. He wants to be with them all the time. Loves playing pirates and wrestling, but also kisses their hurts. He has been to most of their doctor appointments and gives them their baths at night more than I do! He is great at knowing how to explain things to them and knows when to pick up the slack when I can't anymore. He reads to them all the time and kisses and hugs on them more everyday. We is a great, super, fantastic Daddy!

Thanks for being our hero!
Thanks for praying with us and teaching us bible stories.
Thanks for playing pirates and wrestling everyday.
Thanks for the bubble baths and brushing our teeth.
Thanks for your kisses and hugs.
Thanks for loving us more everyday!
We love you Daddy!!!
Sam and Micah

(Micah didn't want his picture taken know how that goes! )

Children's Museum

We went to the Children's Museum the other day because it had been a while and they have redone the whole thing. We had so much fun, especially because Daddy went too!

So much fun watching the boys just being kids!