Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It's whats for dinner!

Wes and the boys made pancakes for dinner Sunday night.
Sam's new thing is that he wants to help you make whatever you are making in the kitchen.
It is pretty cute! Here are a few pictures of him and Daddy making dinner.

Micah just took everything out of the drawer instead of helping.

Wes is such a good Daddy! Thanks for making dinner boys!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers! Everything went really well with my Dad's family and I think we have all turned over a new leaf, which is what I was praying for. So thank you! My grandfather was a survivor of Pearl Harbor and was buried at the National Cemetery in Dallas. They did the folding of the flag and presented it to my grandmother. All of that was really cool! So it turned out to all be okay. Thanks again for remembering me.
Also I wanted to update everyone on Clay Memories. First of all if you were at one of our parties during Feb. we are going to be about a week late in getting those orders back because of my grandfather. Mom has to go back up there next week. Please let us know if that is a problem.
But we are doing really well! In fact we are booked through Mother's Day and will not be scheduling parties again until after June 1st. But I wanted to let everyone know in case you are thinking about having plates made or hosting a party...we are not booking any parties after
Oct. 1st for Christmas plates. And we are only doing personal orders for Christmas through Oct. 31st. So plan early for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas plates! We were so busy last year that we realized we need to start early this year! And remember it takes 8-10 weeks to get your plates back to you.
Angie and Macy, I think you are the only ones with a button on your page for Clay Memories. We have a new website so if you could change your button to www.myclaymemories.com that would be great! Let me know if you need help doing that! Thanks for having a button on your page! If anyone else wants a button, let me know!

Thanks so much for all your support! Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bad Day

Well, yesterday was a really bad day for me and my family. We found out that my grandfather passed away. He was my dad's dad and had just had open heart surgery at the end of January. I thought he was getting better and doing well. My dad got the call yesterday morning that he should go to Dallas because his kidneys and liver was failing. Dad didn't even make it to Dallas in time. It is kind of a hard situation because we have not been on the best of terms with PawPaw for a while. He was a stubborn old man and had done a lot of things to hurt us lately. He was not a christian even though my grandmother is one of the strongest christians you will meet. I think he didn't want to admit he had been wrong for all these years, so he died not having Christ in his life. 
I cried all day yesterday because I have never had a family member die knowing that they were not going to heaven. It is really bothering me. And then I never called him after his surgery. I didn't go see him. I have been mad at him because he couldn't apologize for hurting us. 
Death is such a hard thing! It is hard to understand! My grandmother seems to be doing okay. Dad is there with her and he seems to okay too. But I am just not okay. 
We leave tomorrow to go to Dallas/Ft.Worth. Please pray for us! Also pray for the relationship with my dad's family. It has been a while since we have seen them and I would love for things to just start over. I know that God can heal our family. Please pray that he does.  

Friday, March 20, 2009

Great Trip

GiGi and Sir, 
Thank you for a great trip! 
We had so much fun being together! 
We love you!!! 

Chris, Corban, and Esan
Sir and Teagan

Tricia, Tonya, and the Fikes Boys


Yesterday we had a great day of hiking! But we are missing one from our group...Sir had to go back early to work, we miss you Sir! We wish you were here with us! We love you! 
Of course I have lots of pictures of our day. Enjoy! 
So you know how boys love to throw rocks in the water?
Well, the Fikes boys are no exception. We threw probably 1,000 rocks yesterday. 
And they loved every minute! 

Tonya and Teagan
Sam and his Daddy 
All the big boys walking on tree across the creek
Micah and Daddy
Chris and Teagan
We are ready! 
Mommy and Micah
Daddy and Sam
Uncle Wes and Corban
Taking a break
GiGi and Teagan
GiGi and the boys by the trail sign
Chris and his boys
Walking along the creek and Chris fishing
Corban Scout
Taking a break and having a snack before we get back into the car. 
It was a perfect day! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

White Sands

Yesterday we went to White Sands. It is awesome! The kids loved it!!! It was pretty hot, but we didn't care. The boys loved playing in the sand, making sand angels, sliding on the sleds, and just being boys. We had a great day! There are lots of pictures because I just couldn't pick a few. 
Wes and his boys
Mommy and Micah
Daddy and Sam
I forgot to mention that Micah hated the sand. 
He had to be in someone's arms or on a sled. 

GiGi and my boys
GiGi with all 5 boys
(it was really hard to get this picture)
Sam and Mommy
Micah finally standing at the bottom 
Teagan loved sledding
Corban being a great big brother
We even got Sir to try sledding and he loved it! 

Sam liked sledding, but he liked playing in the sand more. 
Chris sledding too. 
GiGi and Micah
GiGi and Sir
Esan swimming in the sand
Esan Ray
Samuel Austin
Tonya and Gwynne
Tonya and Teagan
Corban Scout
GiGi and Sam
Sir doing what he does best, playing with the boys
Tonya, Gwynne, and Tricia
Gwynne with her boys
They had so much fun being buried...aren't they cute?
Chris and Tonya
Racing to the top
One Fikes family
The other Fikes family

To be continued...