Sunday, July 11, 2010

Carnival Time

Yesterday some of our good friends had a great little birthday party for their two kiddos,
Ellie turned 3

And Cade turned 1

It was a carnival theme, and the kids loved it!

Here is the Mommy and Daddy, Curtis and Rachel

And here are the boys with the birthday girl

Clown Sam

Birthday Clown Ellie

There was popcorn to enjoy

And cotton candy


Rachel made these cute popcorn cupcakes

Clown Micah

Cade trying to decide about his cupcake

He decided to eat it...

and he didn't stop until he licked the plate cute!


Micah enjoying the cupcakes
Sam, Micah, and Caleb

TJ enjoyed his cupcake too

Sweet Cade


We had a great time! Happy Birthday Cade and Ellie! We love you!

Happy Birthday Uncle Justin!

Last Thursday my little brother turned 28.
The boys LOVE their Uncle Justin so much!

Here they are singing Happy Birthday

And blowing out the candles...look at Sam's cheeks!

Sam, Woody, Uncle Justin, Micah, Buzz, and Sindi (Justin's girlfriend)

Sam and Micah were excited to take pictures with Uncle Justin and
their new favorite friends, Woody and Buzz.

Love this picture of Sam and Justin...just hate the red eye!

Happy Birthday JB! Hope you had a great day!

Starting young

Wes was showing the boys how to do push ups. I love how much my boys want to be just like their daddy! I hope that never changes!

Summer Time Fun Part 2


I was still trying to think of fun things to do at home and Micah LOVES I thought we would make some really big bubbles. Since we were going BIG with our bubbles we decided to make our own bubble solution. I used this recipe:

1 Gallon of distilled water (but who are we kidding?, I used tap water.)
1 small (14 oz)bottle of Dawn (Original-NOT ultra)
3 Tablespoons Glycerine

If you're like me you might be thinking "what the heck is glycerine and where would I get it?" Well, I learned something new this week. Glycerine is just something people use on their skin. You can find it in the pharmacy at your local Wal-Mart next to things like Aloe Vera and band-aids. If you can't find it you can ask the pharmacist. It only costs about $1.20 for a bottle and it helps keep the bubbles together.

If you want to make bubbles right now and you don't have glycerine then I've heard you can try light corn syrup instead...but you may end up with some sticky bubbles. In any case I guess something to gel the solution is helpful.

So, we mixed it all together in a big container (we used a drawer from a plastic storage chest, a storage bin or kiddie pool would work great too. Just make it big enough that several kids can be dipping at the same time if you want it to be a happy experience) and then let it sit for a few minutes. Actually I read that the longer it sits the better, so I let it sit all morning.

We made our own wands out of hangers. The boys had fun for a while...but then got bored because they couldn't make the bubbles like Daddy and I. I guess I need to get some big wands from the store. That might help!

I don't know about Wes, but I had a great time playing with the bubbles!!!
We had a lot left over and so we put it in a milk jug...not sure it will last, but it is worth a try.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Summer Time Fun Part 1

It is the day after the 4th and Daddy is off today. I knew the zoo and other places
would be crowded today, so I found some other fun things to do
around the house from some fun blogs.

First... Marshmallow Launchers

So easy to make... you probably have everything at your house.

Here are the supplies you will need:
1. a clear disposable plastic cup- (this type of cup seems to work the best, it's not too tall or flimsy)
2. Two (at least) rubberbands that are the same size
3. A hole puncher
4. Jumbo marshmallows
5. A chair

Punch a hole through one side of your cup near the top lip
Then punch another hole directly across on the other side of the cup.

Now, take one of your rubberbands and slide it through on of the holes.
Then loop it through itself and pull it tight so it is snugly attached to the cup.
Do the same thing with the other rubberband through the other hole and viola! You have here a launcher that is ready to be attached to it's launching device...
a chair... we tried these chairs first, but they weren't heavy enough.

So we used heavier chairs from outside. They were perfect! The boys had a blast!

Shooting the marshmallows and eating them!

Daddy had fun too!

When it was my turn, Wes was standing right in front of me and I hit him right in the face with 2 marshmallows! I really wish I had it on was hilarious!!!
We spent a good 45 minutes or more playing outside. And I sure we will spend some time outside later too!


It was the boys' first time seeing big fireworks. We went to the Academy parking lot in Tomball.
I was so impressed!!! Tomball has a great fireworks show! Who knew?
We got there early and just hung out in the back of the truck until it started.
It was a perfect night and the boys LOVED the fireworks!

The whole time Micah kept saying, "I have never seen one like that before!"

What a great night! We didn't get home until 10:30pm and I was sooo
hoping the boys would slept late...but they were both up at 6:30am!
So much for sleeping in...oh well! It was worth it!