Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life at the Fikes House

Life is finally getting somewhat back to normal around here. My house is clean, laundry done, and dishes are put away. I have paid the bills for this month and my children are happy watching McQueen for the 100th time. So I thought I would update you on our lives right now. 
Wes is in a transition period, I guess. He is done at Impact and waiting until he can apply to be a Texas Game Warden. He is really excited about it. Please pray that he gets it! It has become a dream job for him. If he gets the job, he will go the academy in October or November. So...he doesn't have a job between now and then. He has been working for my dad at their house in Roundtop. They bought a old house and are fixing it up. So when he does that he usually stays the night. He was gone 3 nights last week and this week he left yesterday morning and might come back tomorrow night or Thursday. I can't complain because he is making money, but we miss him around here. His other job is going to be a substituting in Tomball ISD. You actually get paid pretty good. Down side...they call you at 5:45 AM to see if you want a job for that day! WHAT! Today was the first day that they called and of course, it woke both the boys up. We have been up since 5:45 AM! AWESOME! When is nap time?
Anyway, if you would pray for us during this time. I know that we are going to be okay, it is just going to be a little challenging at times. But I pray that our faith grows as we learn to trust in God like we have never before! 
God is already answering our prayers...Clay Memories is doing awesome! We had a party last weekend in Dallas. Thanks girls so much for coming!!! And we have 4 more parties booked for February. I think we are booked until Mother's Day!!! We are going to be so busy with those parties. We need this extra money and God is providing already! 
The boys are good. They are pretty much best friends now and it is so much fun to watch! In fact they are wrestling on the floor right now! 
Just wanted to take a sec and update you on the Fikes. Please continue to pray for us right now! Thanks!!! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Reading!

I finally finished posting everything that has been going on in our lives. There is a lot! We have been so busy, but we had a wonderful holiday and hope that you did too! I also finished adding all the new plates to our Clay Memories website. So have fun catching up with the Fikes! 

Christmas with BeBop and Pop Pop

This is what Sam's table looks like now that it is finished. 
Sam's favorite gift from BeBop and Pop Pop was his scooter. 
And Micah got an Art Easel

Our stockings, Sam & Micah get the big ones
Micah with all the presents
And sweet Sam with the presents. 
Thank you BeBop and Pop Pop for a great Christmas!!! 
We love you!!! 

BeBop is getting a what???

It is true...
Sam and Uncle Taylor

My mom and dad are getting a miniature donkey! 
We went to visit him a couple of weekends ago. 
They can't take him home until he is 9 months old, I think. 
Anyway, this is him. They call him Shorty...but I am not sure what Mom will name him. 
Sam with BeBop's donkey
Aunt Audrey and Micah

Sam was a little nervous at first. 
We can't wait to ride on your donkey, BeBop! 

Happy New Year!

Hope you had a wonderful New Year's! 

Boys will be boys

Fun times at the Ranch

Christmas at GiGi and Sir's house

Just the girls

All 5 of the boys: Corban, Sam, Esan, Micah, and Teagan
GiGi and her boys
Corban Scout
Esan Ray
Micah James
Thank you GiGi and Sir for a wonderful Christmas! 

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day at the Fikes House

Sam watched the Polar Express for the first time this year. 
Santa brought him a bell and left it on the tree. 
Sam was pretty excited about his table
Micah loves his McQueen tent and chair
Christmas morning before the boys woke up
Stockings for the boys

Christmas Eve

Santa with the train table he made for Sam
Eating a few of Santa's cookies
Milk and cookies for Santa
The boys with GiGi and Sir
Reading Christmas books
Sam had such a hard time going to sleep that night. Every few minutes he would call us into his room and ask if Santa had come yet and if he brought lots of presents. It was so cute! 

Making cookies for Santa with Mommy and GiGi

Thanks GiGi for making this such a special time!