Saturday, October 16, 2010

Great Visit with Aunt Audrey

Aunt Audrey came in from London last week for a few days and the boys were so excited to see her! Here they are when we picked her up at the airport. They almost knocked her over when they ran to hug her.

Silly boys with Aunt Audrey

We took the boys to the Children's Museum on Thursday.
Me, Mom, Audrey, and the boys...such fun!

Scientist Micah

Scientist Sam

Checking out the police car

Shopping at the grocery store

Painting pictures

Sam decided he wants to be a vet when he grows up

Painting their own faces

Aunt Audrey helped a little

Sam did his own face, and he was so proud!

What a fun day with Aunt Audrey!!!
We love you so much Aunt Audrey and miss you LOTS!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Wes' Party

Let me start by saying...I hate when my pictures don't turn
( and I have no idea how to change them, so frustrating!)
We had a wonderful party for Wes! I was running around the whole time and didn't get a chance to take that many pictures, looking back, I wish I had stopped to take pictures. But oh well. I did take a few. If you didn't make it, we missed you. And so thankful to those of you who made it!

Here is Wes with the boys in their shirts I had made for them.

Then I had all of the decorations made by Anders Ruff Design.
They design everything and then email it to me and I just print it out. It was perfect!
But like I said, I didn't get to take pictures like I had wanted. Sorry!

All the decorations said "Congrats Officer Fikes"

Even the cups and the water bottles had labels on them

Here is the dessert table, complete with doughnuts!

His yummy cake!!!

And his award

These were my favors

Chocolate badges

It was a perfect day to be outside

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves

We had friends come all the way from college station,
Here is Tonya with Amy and her new baby Addix

And Audrey and Taylor sent this to Wes since they couldn't be here

It was a great party and I hope Wes knows how much we love him and
how extremely proud we are of him!!!

Cousins and Graduation

Wednesday night, Chris and Tonya and their boys flew in from Thailand!!!
It had been a full year since we had seen them and we couldn't wait to see them!
My boys were asleep when they got here so the next morning it was priceless to watch
them get so excited to see each other. They just hugged and loved on each other.
So precious!!!

They brought matching Toy Story shirts for them all the wear the first day together.
Here is Uncle Chris reading to the boys

GiGi with all her boys

And BIG day was finally here!!! Time for Wes to graduate from the police academy!!!
We are so very very proud of him!!
He graduated TOP of his class and it was such an honor, I have never been so proud of him!

Here we all are ready for the graduation to start

Micah and Teagan, Micah is 5 months older than Teagan...but Teagan passed him up while living in Thailand...but they were still stuck at the hip.

We had so many wonderful friends come to the graduation too,
we are so blessed to have wonderful friends!

We can't put any pictures of Wes in his uniform on here,
so here are some of Sam at graduation.
This is the award he received for being the Honor Cadet...
I had no idea it was such a big deal!

And Sam in his hat...he loves that his Daddy is a police officer!

The cousins were able to stay through Sunday, now they are on to visit other family.
But we will see them at Camp GiGi in a few weeks.

Wrestle time

GiGi was loving every minute of having all 5 boys together.

It was a fun and very busy weekend!!!

Community Helpers

Sam LOVES school and he is doing such a great job!
And his arm is doing great! I need to take another picture because it is looking so much better already and it has only been a couple of months!

Muffins with Mom

Love that Micah is now in preschool and I get to do things with him at school too!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Zoo with Daddy

Micah has been asking and asking to go to the zoo, but it had to be with Daddy.
So, a couple of Saturdays ago, we made the trip to the zoo.
It was a beautiful day and the boys had a great time!

What a mess!

The boys were so happy that the dinosaurs were still at our zoo.

We did a few things that we usually don't get to do when we go to the zoo too.

Micah rode around like this most of the time and Sam pulled him...
must be nice!

Baylor is my new favorite thing at the zoo!

And we took Daddy on the train too, it was his first time!

We had a great day just the 4 of us!!!