Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Worn Out

Yesterday after playing and going for a walk with Daddy, Micah fell asleep at lunch. Wes and I were fixing our lunch and we turned around to see Micah asleep on his chair.

Sweet boy...he was so worn out!

But Sam, on the other hand...was just reading his book and eating lunch!

Just a day at the Fikes house

A Love for Bikes

I have been under the weather for the last few days so Wes has been spending a lot of time with the boys. The other day they decided to take a bike ride to the park. It was so cute. They all had on their helmets and off they went. I was so impressed that Sam was able to ride in circles in order to let Micah catch up. This was his second bike ride without training wheels and he is riding like a pro! Micah turns 4 in May...I think he needs a big bike for his birthday!

They were gone at least an hour, while I was able to sit on the porch and finish my new Nicholas Sparks book. We are loving this weather!

Everyday we have spent the afternoon outside, so fun to watch the boys enjoy being outside!

My little stinker, Micah James!

Thank you God for this amazing weather!!!

New Obsession

Sam has a new obsession with dinosaurs. I have talked about it some, but it just continues to grow. It is so fun to watch him get so excited about them and it is quite amazing how much he already knows! Micah has his own little personality, but also loves whatever Sam loves. So they are both learning and loving dinos right now. For valentines we gave them each a dino egg. I found them in the dollar bin at Michael's.

On valentine's day we put the eggs in water.

And then waited and waited...

Each day the egg would crack a little more,

and a little more.

Finally they were ready to come out of their eggs, 5 days later!

The boys were pretty excited to hold their dinos.

Such a fun way to learn more about dinosaurs and it only cost a dollar each!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!
We had a wonderful valentine's day. I had so much fun showing my boys just how much I love them. Lots of people think valentine's day is silly, but personally...I love it! I started a tradition a few years ago where Valentine Cupid comes to our house during the night and decorates everything. The idea started from my college roomie, Katie. Her mom would celebrate valentine's day by having Stupid Cupid come to their house. But I have taught the boys not to say stupid and so I had to come up with another name. I decorate the table/room and then fix a special breakfast with a small gift for everyone.

This year I decorated the kitchen. I fixed heart shaped blueberry muffins, fruit, and
heart shaped pancakes.

I had never made heart shaped pancakes before. It took a few tries to get it right and remembering to spray my cookie cutter helped a lot too! Next year I might put food coloring in the batter to make them pink.

The boys were tickled!

The boys had made Wes a Valentine's day card and were so excited to give it to him.

They sure do love their Daddy!!!

For lunch the boys had heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

It was such a beautiful day that they wanted to eat outside.

The boys played outside all day! We are so glad to have warmer weather so that we can be outside and enjoy it! The cold weather was fun for a while...but we are so glad that it is finally over. And the boys are at an age where they love being together and they are best friends! I hope they will always be best friends!

Of course we had to make strawberry cupcakes!!! Micah is my little helper in the kitchen. He always wants to help and try everything that we make. His favorite part is licking the spoon/bowl!

I wanted to take some pictures of the boys with Wes. They were so sweet, they love love love that Daddy of theirs!

Mommy's turn for some kisses!

Cupcake time! Heart shaped cupcakes with fun sprinkles...who could ask for more?

Wes had to work that evening, so the boys and I made heart shaped pizzas.
The boys LOVE to make their own pizzas, so it was a perfect way to end our heart day!

Micah loves cheese, can you tell?

We had a wonderful day together! I love my family so very much!
I am so very blessed!