Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween Night

Trick or Treat Time!!!

BeBop and Micah

Kenneth, Aracely, and Aiden

Sam was ready to run to the next house...he couldn't get there fast enough

PopPop passed out candy at our house while we went trick or treating...
Thanks PopPop!

Micah couldn't wait to dig into the candy!

They got more candy than they knew what to do with,

by the end we were carrying their bags for them!

Passing out candy to the rest of the kids

It was such a great end to a fun weekend!!!

Pumpkin Patch at Bammel

Saturday afternoon we spent at church for the Pumpkin Patch Festival.
The boys loved every minute!


Painting pumpkins

Trunk or Treat with snowcones

And lots of friends in costumes

Thanks Bammel for a great Halloween party!

Carving Pumpkins

We waited until Saturday to carve our pumpkins since it has been SO hot here in Houston.
Wes loves this part, at least deep down he does!

I decided to help out this took me forever because I wanted it perfect.

They are Iron Man, but hopefully you could tell that.

Wes says next year we are doing the traditional pumpkins...but we will see! :)

Zoo Boo

Zoo Boo is a tradition in our house, we love going every year.

BeBop and PopPop usually get to come with us,
which makes it even better!!!

Trunk or Treat!

We even got to see the new baby cute!

Decorating pumpkins

Micah and his BeBop

Sam and PopPop

This would have been the cutest picture...but Sam decided he didn't want to smile,
why does it always have to be something?

Best Friends

We had a super fun day at Zoo Boo!