Monday, December 27, 2010

Email from Santa

On Christmas Eve...Santa sends the boys a video email to each of them.
I know...instead of a letter, they get an email. When I was there age I didn't know about computers. Anyway, this is the coolest thing. It is a personal message from Santa.

Here are the boys watching their videos

They don't look very excited in the last picture...but they each watched their video about 5 times because they wanted to see Santa again and again.

Elvin the Elf

Every year Elvin the Elf comes to visit all the Fikes boys.
He leaves a note on the door telling them that they have a present to find somewhere in the house. This year the elf had to visit Houston and Thailand.

Here is GiGi reading my boys and the boys in Thailand their letter.

And every year Elvin brings Christmas pajamas

I was trying to get a picture of the boys in front of the tree...but they wanted to be silly!

I love this picture!! They love each other so much!!!

We were trying to get a picture of all 5 of them. It is hard to see Corban, Esan, and Teagan in the computer this year. But they all had matching pjs!

Thanks Elvin for the pjs!!! Can't wait to see what you bring next year!

Polar Express Night

Every year we like to read the Polar Express and then watch the movie.
It is a fun tradition that the boys love!
GiGi and Sir came a few days before Christmas, so they were able to help out!

I made popcorn balls to eat while we watched the movie.

I had never made them before...they were so yummy!!!

The boys didn't make it through the whole night...too much fun for them!

Christmas has been so much this year with the boys! Every year gets better and better!

Looking at Christmas Lights

This was the first year that we went over to Prestonwood Forest,
a neighborhood in NW Houston with amazing lights!!!
We made hot chocolate to take with us, even though it wasn't that cold outside.

We just pretended that it was freezing so it would feel more like the holidays.

Since were going 5 mph the whole time...the boys sat in the front with us.

and the boys wore their pjs

We spend an hour and a half looking at lights. I think it will be a new tradition!

Building snowmen in Houston

Since we live in Houston and never have enough snow to make a snowman...

We made them a little different this year

They turned out so cute and the boys loved making them!

We all joined in on the fun...

Aren't they cute?

And the best part...

Getting to eat them after dinner!

Love making Christmas traditions!

Micah James

Micah was suppose to have his Christmas program at school this day.
He looked so cute in his Christmas shirt. Here he is practicing for the program.

We were seated in the front row ready to watch him sing...but he was crying before he even got to the stage. And his teacher knew what happened to Sam last year, so she just told him that he could sit with us. So he sat in my lap instead of singing.

I am still hopeful for next year...

Christmas Tradition

Every year we go to my mom's to make a gingerbread house
and christmas cookies.
The boys look forward to it every year!

And this year was no different! BeBop had everything ready as soon as we got there...

And Aunt Audrey got to be with us too!!!

Their finished product! I think they ate most of the candy...
our house looks a little bare this year!

And now for the cookies...

Micah trying his first bite...he closes his eyes when he likes what he is eating!!!

Sam helping Aunt Audrey

Sam wanted his to have LOTS of sprinkles

And this is what he looked like after he ate that cookie

All the beautiful cookies

Thanks BeBop and Aunt Audrey for a super fun day!!!
We love you very much!!!