Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trying to keep these boys entertained!

It has been SO hot and we don't have much going on lately,
so keeping these boys entertained has been a little hard.
We can't be outside too much and they get tired of being around each other.

So we tried out a few experiments the other day.
This one we used a notecard to cut out a boat shape.
Then placed it in clean water and added dish soap to the cut out part in the boat.

It causes the boat to race across the water. The boys thought it was very cool.

Next we put a gummy bear in water and left it overnight.
We each made a prediction about what would happen to the gummy bear.

All our experiment came from this book that I found in the $1 section of Target.

Our gummy bear grew overnight!! The boys were quite impressed!

The next day we made Blue Goo.
Sam got his 'gear' from a friends bday party...isn't it great?

Every boy loves goo!

PopPop helped us blow up a balloon without blowing air into the balloon.

Vinegar in the bottle and baking soda in the balloon...

It worked!!

I thought it would be fun to practice writing our letters in some whip cream outside.
Mommy wasn't really thinking because it melted very quickly!

Good thing it was yummy to eat!

Homemade sidewalk paint

It was suppose to rain one day and the weather was great!

We spent the morning painting the driveway!

Making sidewalk paint is super easy.
1 cup cornstarch, 1 cup water, and food coloring

Only a few more weeks of summer left and I am running out of ideas.
Hope I can think of some more things to keep these boys busy!
Good thing I have wonderful parents and great friends that have helped with playdates and sleepovers! It has been a wonderful summer!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Birthday PopPop!

Wes and Dad have birthdays only 2 days apart. So we usually celebrate them together.
Poor guys, they have to share father's day and birthdays!

Happy Birthday PopPop!!!

We all went to lunch and then back to our house for ice cream sundaes!

We love you PopPop!!

My boys are so blessed to have such an amazing PopPop
and I have the best dad!!
We love you!!! Happy Birthday!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Happy Happy Birthday Wes!
We love you so much and are so blessed to have you in our lives!!!

Wes was getting home from night shift and I surprised him with beignets!

The boys loved them! Good thing they have only had mine and not the real thing!

It is a little messy, but totally worth it!

Once Daddy woke up, the boys were ready for some Daddy time!

They love their Daddy SOOO much!!!

I set up a few decorations for Wes.
The boys made cards too.

The boys helped me make the signs. We spelled out DAD with their bodies.

And the banner says:
It was really fun to do with the boys and they had fun helping me figure out how to make each letter. I was pretty impressed!

Homemade cupcakes and icing!

Wes' favorite meal, shrimp and corn on the grill!

He was pretty happy!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

The boys absolutely LOVE to wrestle with their daddy!
It is their favorite thing to do!!!

They play this game called 'So Long'
and they try to push each other off the bed.

The boys teamed up on Wes and were tickling his feet.

Happy Birthday Honey!
I love you with all my heart!
You are such an amazing dad and husband, we are so blessed!
Hope you had a wonderful day!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth!

Uncle Justin and Sindi wanted to take the boys to the circus. I have to say I was a little nervous letting them go without us, and...I really wanted to go see their faces, since it was their first time to the circus! The boys were so excited!!! We went early to get a behind the scenes look with Uncle Justin.

My boys are so blessed to have such an awesome uncle!!!

So glad Uncle Justin was with us because the boys were able to see everything from their shoulders and I didn't have to worry about losing them!

Love my Sam!

Our fam checking out the elephants

Micah's mouth looked like this the whole time. He was amazed by everything!

So was Daddy and Sam!

LOVE this picture! Just wish Micah was looking at the camera.
Like I said, he was amazed by everything and couldn't figure out how he was so tall!

Being elephants on the elephant stand.
Wes is such a great daddy!

LOVE this picture of the boys with Aunt Audrey and BeBop!

Happy boy with his popcorn!

And the show begins...

3 girls in one very small box

Sam was like this the whole time the motorcycle guys were doing their show.
He said he was looking through his cute!

There were 7 people riding on motorcycles in this ball,
the best part of the whole circus!! It was awesome!

Uncle Justin and Sindi with the boys

Micah loving on his daddy

Sweet Micah

I love the elephants!

He looks like an old man!

It was so much fun and the boys loved every minute!!
Thanks Uncle Justin and Sindi for taking us to the circus!!!
We love you!!!