Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Camp Creek 2010

Our small group had a retreat at Camp Creek this last weekend.
It was so much fun! Camp Creek is just relaxing and a perfect place to go!

Of course there is always fishing at Camp Creek

Sweet TJ

Sam, Micah, and Caleb had a blast playing together,

swimming together,

and taking a boat ride together

Jenny and Caleb

Best Buddies, only 6 weeks apart

Jenny's Dad, Don, was there too.
So all the kids had a Papa for the weekend.

Aiden and Kenneth

We have become like family with our small group...
it is really a special relationship that we all share!

Aracely, Jenny, and Caleb

Wes had to study a lot of the weekend,
but took a break to play checkers with his boys!

So the weekend came to an abrupt stop when we all came down with some kind of weird stomach bug! It was awful! We left early Sunday morning to get home to recover. Micah is the only one in our family who didn't get hit with it. I think everyone of the adults got some form of the virus. But before the virus hit, it was a fantastic weekend.
Thank you so much Jenny for planning the whole thing!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Thanks BeBop for our super cute Earth Day shirts!
They are made of 100% organic cotton and dyed in clay.

Hope you had a fun day outside like we did!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Micah is a Big Boy!!!

Micah is going to be 3 in two weeks. I have been wanting him to stop wearing diapers, but I just couldn't get it to click with Micah. And...I didn't really want to put in all the energy it takes into potty training. But...last Thursday I decided buy pull-ups instead of diapers. Just thinking that if I took him to the bathroom each time between changes, that maybe it would start working.
Well, IT DID!!! He wore a pull-up to school and then when he came home he was ready to start!
He has two accidents since Thursday! I promised him Spider-man underwear if he went on the potty and no more pull-ups. So here he is in his underwear.
(I really hate when the pictures don't turn!)

He wanted to wear them backwards so he could see the Spider-man on his underwear!

Now he is only wearing pull-ups at night...NO MORE DIAPERS!!!!
I can't tell you how happy that makes me!
I realized not long ago that I have been changing diapers for almost 4 1/2 years straight!

One minor problem has been that he didn't poop until yesterday. He is usually a everyday pooper so going Wednesday to Saturday, was a long time!
So we went to the dollar store and bought lots of Spider-man toys,
hoping that he will go poop again soon.

We are so proud of you, Micah!!!
You are such a BIG BOY!!!

Soccer: Game 2

Sam had his second soccer game yesterday.
It was Grandparents Day, so BeBop and Gigi were both there to cheer him on!

But...we had a little problem. First, Sam was super tired because he had gotten up at 4:30am with a bad dream and then got up at 6:45am for the day. Also he didn't have a great practice the day before. He is confused in what he suppose to do when he is on field. So he cried during practice on Friday. Well, all this combined didn't help at all on Saturday. We are learning that Sam doesn't like to have the attention on him. If you remember back to his christmas program
back in December, he didn't want to perform in front of everyone. Well, during the game when Mom and I started cheering for him... the tears started flowing and flowing...and they didn't stop. He cried for about the first half the game and rest of the game he just watched.
So...we are trying to figure out where to go from here. We don't want him to quit, but also don't want him make him do something that he hates. This is one of those times that you wish your kids came with instructions. We are going to practice with him LOTS and hope that the next game will turn out different.

Micah had a great time during the game playing with both Gigi and BeBop!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I am a Soccer Mom!!!!

I am so excited to finally be a soccer mom! I couldn't wait for the boys to be old
enough to play soccer. I played when I was little and of course, so did Wes.
Sam was beside himself excited to play soccer. We went Wednesday night to get his
shin guards, socks, and shoes...he wanted to wear them to school the next day,
he was so excited! He had practice last night and then his first game today.
After his practice he just keep telling us how AWESOME his practice was.
And he was up at 6:30am because he was too excited to sleep today.

Here is our little soccer player

The team all decorated their cars to drive to the game

Here is Sam's cheering section

Daddy helping him warm up before the game

Sam is number 3

He got a little bored playing goalie. He was mad because the ball never came to him,
and he didn't get to use his hands to pick up the ball.

He did a great job. It was so much fun watching him play!

Of course Sam's biggest fans came, Molly and Kendall.
We love you girls!

And BeBop & PopPop wouldn't miss it for the world!

Our family, all in green to support the Green Machines

I love my little soccer player and so happy to be a soccer mom!


I love Spring! And the boys LOVE being outside!
Here are a few pictures of Easter weekend, but being boys.

Homemade popsicles

Friday night after his first week at the police academy...my sweet hubby!

Hanging out at our favorite park...and Sam had to wear his hat.

Sam learned to go down the pole all by himself...he was so proud!

Enjoy this beautiful weather!!!