Thursday, September 25, 2008

Surviving Hurricane Ike

Well, the hurricane hit about a week and a half ago. We stayed for the storm. It wasn't too bad, really loud and just a little scary. Our lights went out about 3am and Micah woke up about 4am. Just as Micah was going back to sleep, Sam woke up at 5am. We then figured out that we had a leak in the kitchen, which just lead to all of us being awake. The boys kinda liked having all the candles and getting to use a flash light until the sun came up. We did not have a generator, so we decided to go with Mom and Dad to their place in the country. Wes took us up there and got Dad's generator so he could run the frig and a few other things at the house. 

The boys had a great time in the country. So many new things to explore...

Lots of dirt to dig...
(I couldn't get this picture to turn)
And a really cool park, where they loved the rock more than the slides. 
They especially loved the small hill that was perfect for racing. 

BeBop introduced the boys to the longhorns that live next door. 

And Rueben keep the boys busy. We had few problems with Rueben because he loved to chew on the boys. Especially Micah's hands, he chews on them like it is a hamburger patty. But I think they still love him. 
Thank you BeBop and PopPop for taking care of us during this crazy time. We had a great time! We love you very much!!! 

We got our power Tuesday afternoon, so Micah and I headed back home and Sam stayed in the country for a couple more days. We got the yard cleaned up and tried to get back to normal. Thanks for praying for us, we were really blessed with little damage. 

Please keep praying for our area. We have several friends that still don't have power. We have had 4 people staying with us and lots of friends coming to do laundry or eat dinner so they can be in the cool for a little while. It is going to take a while for Houston to get back to normal. 

My Dad's new baby

I would like to introduce you to Rueben.  He is my dad's new Golden Retriever. My mom and dad decided about two years ago that they were each going to get their favorite dogs. They have been searching for them since then and finally they have their babies. Mom gets hers today, so stayed turned to meet Rufus. 

A few days in Kerrville

We went to Kerrville Friday and Saturday to celebrate Steve's birthday. It was a quick trip, but the boys were pretty excited to see their GiGi and Sir. 
Okay, prepare yourself because this next picture is my oldest child flying through the air. He absolutely loves it when Wes throws him, I was pretty excited to get a couple of good pictures of him in the air. 

Thanks for a fun couple of days GiGi and Sir, we love you! 

Happy Birthday!!!!

I am a little behind on some of my posts. My father-in-law had a birthday last Thursday. Sorry this is late. 


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who wants a button?

Okay girls, the website is ready!!!  This is super exciting! Please remember that these are our first samples and we have lots more on the way. 
If you want to put a button on your page please let me know and I will email you the info. I would really appreciate it! If I have your email, you will probably be getting the info soon. 
Thanks again for your support and prayers! 

Hurricane Ike is coming...

Well, the hurricane is headed for Galveston. We are at least 60 miles inland, so I am not too worried. I was suppose to have my first bible study this morning. They started last week and I was not able to be there, so I was really excited about today. I got up at 6am to get in the shower before the boys got up. We were all ready and loaded in the car when I heard they were starting to evacuate 10 zip codes in the Houston area. Last time this happened, the traffic was awful! So, I just turned around and came home. 
We went to Wal-Mart last night to make sure that we had everything we would need. Everyone else decided to go to Wal-Mart last night too. There is no bread, ice, and char-coal left at our Wal-Mart. We went early so I am sure they are out of lots more by now. The lines for gas were super long. I guess you could say that Houston is starting to freak out. 
My sweet husband thought it was a good idea to go check out the damage from Hurricane Gustav in Morgan City this morning. He left at 3 am to drive to Louisiana. He took lots of supplies for them and wanted to check out the damage. Well, now that Houston is starting to evacuate he is going to have a problem. I am pretty sure he is going to be stuck in some really bad traffic. So please pray that he gets home safe. 
We are not planning on going anywhere, so we are going to have to come up with fun things to do inside. We might have to pull out the jumper again! 
Please pray for all those that are going to be affected by this hurricane. 

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Note for Max

My heart hurts! One of the elders at our church, Charlie Middlebrook, has a grandson in the hospital. He is only 4 years old and really needs our prayers. Please read this message from his dad and then go to their blog to leave a comment. You can also see pictures of Max and get an update. 

Dear Friends, 
 My four year old son, Max Middlebrook is in the hospital fighting hard. It started out as E Coli virus, and progressed in to HUS, a syndrome that attacks the organs. 
My request is this- I've set up a blog, and would appreciate anyone that's willing to go to the blog and comment. We are going to get a map and put pins in it so he can see where people are coming from, so it you wouldn't mind, sign your comment with your first name and tell us your location. 
Also, please feel free to spread this around to your churches, ministries, co-workers, whomever- the more notes, the more pins, and the more pins, the more smiles! 
You can leave your note here: 

Thanks so much! 
Sam Middlebrook

Thanks girls for leaving a comment! I have also asked for his address so I can send him a care package or a new book to read in the hospital. If you also want to send a package let me know and I will get the address. Thanks for the prayers! 

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Clay Memories

Clay Memories is my new business that I have started with my mom. We are so excited! We create a precious keepsake of your little ones handprints and/or  footprints on plates, platters, bowls, and even cookie jars. We hand paint them with any style that fits you. We do birth announcements, sports, birthday, holidays, or just something cute that fits your little one. They are super cute! We are just getting started so we don't have too many samples, yet. But we have our first party of my close friends from the Houston area in a couple of weeks. So excited!!!
Anyway, my sweet friend Shauna is helping me start a website. Really another blog, but we will pretend that it is a real website. Shauna is so awesome and patient with me because I have already messed a few things up because the only thing I know how to do is post. Really, I am kinda dumb to this whole blogging world. But she has made a button that I will put on my website so that it will advertise for my business and be a link for the website. (Once I figure out how to put the button on my page...I have no idea how to do that) Would any of you be so sweet as to put my button on your blog? I would sure appreciate it and might even give you a little discount if we ever do business. 
My website is almost finished, I just need to take some pictures of the few plates my mom made so I have some examples. But please let me know if you want the info to put the button on your page. Thanks girls!!!!

Fishing with Daddy

Wes took the boys fishing this week. My dad went with them one day. I just thought the pictures were cute so I had to share. 

I love that he is so proud of his HUGE fish! 

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Sweet Husband

First of all, thank you so much for all of your sweet comments. I think I am on the road to recovery. Well, I thought that last night too and then I got a little too excited about being able to play with the boys and today I felt yucky again. So we will see. 
But I have to say a few things about my husband. Even though Wes has posted about all the bad or funny things that have happened since he has been in charge, there has also been some amazing things. I don't know anything better than hearing the sound of your sweets boys giggle while playing with their daddy. My boys absolutely adore Wes. 
Taking care of the boys is not something that is new to Wes. Ever since Sam was born, Wes wanted to be part of everything. He has never been one of those dads who takes a back seat. He always knows how much medicine they get or what time they need to take naps. He is just that kind of a dad. And a great husband! 
Anyway, in these last couple of days he has taken them to the park to go fishing, played in the backyard, gone on walks, and played I don't know how many games inside. Right now they are building with blocks and of course Micah is the monster because he likes to knock them down. 
Today when they went fishing, he read Sam a story from his bible and he remembered it when he got home because it had to do with fishing. What a great dad!
Even though Wes is exhausted, these days have been so precious because the boys have been able to learn so much from their daddy. Thank you so much for being a GREAT daddy to our boys!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Still On Duty

My precious wife is still sick.  Here come more "I'm Dad, so crap happens when I'm in charge" stories.  They're not great, but I hope you laugh out loud.

1) This morning, Sam told me he had to go potty, so I told him to go ahead.  I was in the middle of something and would check on him, shortly.  Then, I heard Sam calling me and saying something about Micah.  I go in and,
Sam:  (While laughing) "Micah's playing in the water."
Dad:  "What water?"
Sam:  "The potty!"
Dad:  "WHAT!?  Just now?"
Sam:  (Still laughing) "Yes."

I look at Micah and my youngest son has water on both arms from fingers to shoulders.  When I looked in the toilet, I saw green water.  Tricia put blue discs in the tanks for sanitation and to encourage Sam to pee.  His yellow pee turned the blue water green.  

There were also several pieces of dirty toilet paper that had not flushed down from Dad using the toilet earlier.

So, Micah has piss and crap on his arms.  I took him into the kitchen to clean him up with bleach wipes and noticed the water on his face, also.  Yeah, his face.  

2) Sam and I went on a bike ride while Micah took his morning nap.  When we got back, we started watching 'Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed.'  Sam fell asleep on the couch, again.

3) I had to go to the office and get some stuff done.  I packed up the boys after Sam woke up and down to the building we went.  They played basic brother games and fought at the office.  They are into pushing each other down - it's good stuff.  On the way home, Micah fell asleep.  We stopped to pick up pizza.  I left the boys sitting in the truck at Papa Johns (Yeah, so?) and told Sam he had to protect Micah.  When I came back out, Micah was awake,
Sam:  (Again, laughing) "Micah's awake!"
Dad:  "What?"
Sam:  "Micah's awake!"
Dad:  "Did you wake him up?"
Sam:  "No."
Dad:  "Tell me the truth.  Did you wake up Micah?"
Sam:  (With a smile) "Yes."

Thanks, buddy.  That's not protecting him.   But, what are you gonna do?  He's 2.

4) Pizza for supper.  I'm tired.

If you could see this better, you'd see pizza in his hair, also.  He gets a wash rag and pajamas.  No bath tonight.  My --- is tired.

Tricia's Sex Machine (once she gets better)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Oh, When I'm in Charge

Where do I begin?  My poor wife is down with the flu - it's bad.  She hasn't gotten out of bed all day unless to throw up or go to the bathroom. 

So, I have the boys to myself.

I'll let you in on the highlights.

Events so far:
1) Sam aggravated Emmett (Tricia's parent's dog) and he nipped Sam next to the eye.  Couple of scratches, but Sam should know better, now.

2) Sam put himself down for his nap.  I came in to the living room after changing Micah's diaper and found him asleep on the couch, under a blanket, gripping tight his sock monkey.

3) Sam went to the bathroom, and Micah followed.  I was working on something in the living room.  How much trouble can a 2 and 1 year-old get into by themselves in the bathroom?  I heard Micah hit something and then start crying.  When I got in there, Sam was washing his hands in the sink and water was all over the floor.  I asked Sam how water got on the floor and he sweetly told me he and Micah had splashed around in the toilet.  It's only 2:15 in the afternoon.

(no picture, sorry)
I can only take so much being inside and then cabin-fever hits and I gotta get out.

We are about to head to the store to get a few things to help Tricia feel better - Sprite, etc.  How much damage could  we do there, really?