Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Day with Sam

Wes and I were able to go with Sam on his last field trip. It was so fun to see Sam interact with his classmates and especially Claire, his girlfriend. Claire followed him around everywhere he went and kept asking him to watch her. It was so cute! He is quite popular with the ladies already! But once his awesome Daddy started helping with the rope swing...he did nothing else!

We love you Sam and we are very proud of you!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011!

I love holidays with the boys. They are at an age where everything is exciting and fun!
Here they are with their carrots for the Easter Bunny

Wes's Easter basket from me

The boys Easter baskets from the Easter Bunny

Here is what the bunny left for the boys. A half eaten carrot, a note, and a golden egg.

The note explained that they had to follow the clues in the egg in order to find their baskets.

Each egg had a clue to find another egg somewhere in the house

Each room had a hidden egg...

until they found their baskets in the dryer.

Micah with some of his easter goodies!

Ready for church on Easter Sunday.

Micah and Aunt Audrey

Uncle Taylor, Aunt Audrey and the boys

Our sweet little family

LOVE this picture of Wes and his boys

BeBop and the boys

Uncle Justin and soon to be Aunt Sindi

My whole family....LOVE this picture!!!

The girls

And decorating eggs, of course!

BeBop and Micah

Sam and Sindi

Aren't the dino eggs cute?

The guys were in charge of hiding the eggs.

I also got confetti eggs this year. The boys loved them!

Wrestling with Uncle Taylor...the boys love their Uncle Taylor!!

It was a wonderful day of family time and fun!