Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Day 3 Disneyland: Part 1

The picture above is Sam talking to my mom. We were talking into the park and he started crying because he missed her so much! Sweet Boy! He loves his BeBop! 

Because we had such a late night the night before, we started a little late and missed the early morning at Toon Town. I think it was worth the awesome night we had. And it might have worked out for the best because there was hardly anyone in Toon Town when we got there.

Police Officer phoning the police
That morning Mickey brought the boys their stuffed animals. Sam got Kermit and Micah got McQueen. They were so excited about them that they had to spend the whole day with us!
In Mickey's car at Toon Town
Micah in Goofy's car

Micah steering Daisy's boat

Chip and Dale's TreeHouse

The boys with their new friends, Mickey did good!!! 
(I think he got them at the Disney store, buy one, get one half off too!)

Sitting on the couch in Mickey's house
Sam/Pluto...isn't he cute?

Mickey's washing machine, thought the gloves washing was too cute!

 As we went through this house we got to the garage and there was this machine that played all the instruments at once. The boys thought it would really work. So bummed it didn't. But they had to have their pics with it because it was so cool!

After we went all the way through Mickey's house, we got to meet Mickey at the end.
The boys were thanking him for all their presents. So sweet!!!
The boys in Minnie's car

Having our picnic lunch
Sam was beyond excited about his Kermit, he wanted his picture taken with him every 5 seconds.

LOVED Toon Town. It was so cute and so fun for the boys!!!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my boys!!!

Riding the train all around the park

Pooh Corner

We were standing in line waiting to see Pooh and when there was only 5 people left ahead of us, Pooh had to take a break! Of course! So we had to settle for Tigger, Rabbit, and Eeyore. Good thing the boys didn't seem to mind.
In fact, I would rather have a picture with Tigger. He was always my favorite Disney character growing up. I had a stuffed Tigger for a long time!
He was playing with the boys stuffed toys. They thought it was so funny!

Love the picture!


And Eeyore

Then we went over to Tom Sawyer Island. 
Wes loved the Tom Sawyer books, so he told the boys all about it as we explored the island.

My silly pirates with their treasure

I thought the boys might be bored, but they loved exploring the island. 
It was full of nothing but things for boys. Caves, rocks, and wooden bridges. Very cool!

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