Monday, July 02, 2012

Winter Family Part 2

I took too many pictures for all of them to fit in one post. Sorry! 
Aren't these 4 boys precious?? Best Buddies!!! 

The boys are headed down to see if we can find some sea anemones.

Found a crab!!!

Found some!!! It was very cool to touch them and they grab onto your finger!

My handsome hubby!!!

The boys were very sweet to put up with all my picture taking...I wanted to capture every moment!

The daddies were more excited about the sea anemones than the boys were.
Love TJ in his hat!

Trying to show how they would grab your finger.

Some of them were huge. Aren't they cool?

Sam and Daddy

Jenny and Mathis watching from up above.

LOVE the flowers!

Time for some fish tacos!!! YUM!

After lunch we headed to the San Diego Aquarium

Very cool jellyfish!

Love these of the boys looking at the huge tank!

The view was amazing!

Our whole group

Pretending the shark was eating us

Then we watched the scuba divers tell us all about the fish in the huge tank...pretty cool!

We had a wonderful day with our friends! It was so nice to just be together the whole day! 
The next day we went to church together and had lunch and then we were off to Disney!!! 
It was nice to have no tears when we left since we would be back at the end of the week. Usually every time we leave the Winter family there are lots of tears.
We love you Winter Family!!!

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