Monday, July 02, 2012

1st Day at Disney

Every morning while we were at Disney, Mickey Mouse came while we were sleeping and brought presents. It was so awesome!! It was also VERY helpful while at the park and the boys wanted to buy things, we would just say...what if Mickey brings you that in the morning, we need to wait and see. It worked perfectly!! The plan was on Thursday we would let each of them pick one souvenir. 

The first morning Mickey brought them each 2 disposable cameras and 2 pez dispensers.
I had no idea they would be so excited about their own cameras. They were a hit!!

Sweet Sam was starting to cough, so we were making sure it didn't get worse.
Micah on the bus headed to the park for our 1st day at Disney!

Waiting in line for the gates to open. We were so thankful that the Winters let us borrow their stroller. It really saved us a lot of money and we would not have made it without it. We did a lot of walking!
Mickey and Walt as you enter Disneyland

This is my absolute favorite picture from the whole trip. Look at the excitement in Sam. 
He was so happy!!! The first ride we rode was Dumbo and Sam has his magic feather. 
LOVE this!!!
It makes me tear up again just looking at this face, this is what it is all about. The magic in a little boys face that is experiencing Disneyland for the first time. Everything was so real and magic for the boys! They were so happy and excited about everything!
Mommy and Micah were on the other side of the ride.

One of the things I loved was that some of the rides had a place to take a picture after the ride.
This was great because you can't take a picture while riding the ride.

Peter Pan's Flight was Sam's absolute favorite ride.
Waiting in line. Sam still has that excitement in his face! 
He couldn't wait!

Trying to pull the sword out of the stone.

Everyone loves a good carousel!

Yes, we got our ears!!! 
LOVE LOVE LOVE the boys in their ears!! 
Classic Disney!

We had to get their names on the back

They didn't take those ears off. Sam wore his more than Micah did. This made me so happy because I was worried that we might have waited too long and it would not be magical for Sam.
We wore sweatshirts most of the first day!! So awesome since it was 102 at home!

Tea cup ride

Sam's first time behind the wheel

My handsome little sidekick
Star Wars Tours

At the entrance of the park

Max, Goofy's son
Queen of Hearts

This was super exciting to find Mickey and Minnie together!!! 
Love everything about his picture!!! 

The boys were beyond excited to meet Mickey!! 
It was the real Mickey Mouse!

Getting their autographs for our books.

Ready to watch the parade and take pictures.

We had dinner while we waited for the parade.

Is it coming yet?

LOVE this picture of Micah, here comes the parade!!!

Sam was pretty excited when Snow White came by on her float.

And Sam pretty much freaked out when he saw the real Peter Pan. 
Sam was Peter Pan for halloween and loves Peter!

Buzz is Micah's favorite, so he loved his ride. The boys ended up getting some of these guns for one of their souvenirs.

Ready for the fireworks show with their glow in the dark swords.
It was a wonderful first day at Disneyland! I loved every minute! Being with all my boys and watching the boys as they experience all of the magic. But we didn't end up seeing the fireworks that night. I was so disappointed. We had gone back to the room and all took naps, so we would be ready to stay a little late and watch the fireworks. But Sam was not feeling well. Little did we know that he was getting the croup. Sam has had the croup several times and because of his asthma it is pretty bad! We had a long night ahead of us.

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