Monday, July 02, 2012

Dinner with Goofy and friends

The day had finally arrived...we were all SUPER excited!!! 
When we arrived at the hotel, Mickey Mouse had left presents for the boys at the front desk!!! 
The receptionist had that Mickey had never done that before! He is pretty sneaky! 

It was a note welcoming them to Disneyland and their own autograph books.

We brought our Mickeys from home and with Mickey bringing some of our presents, we shaved money not buying them in the park.
We booked through Costco and it was awesome! We got all the same perks you get when you book through Disney (free luggage tags, hour early to disneyland, hour early to toontown, 4th night free at hotel, VIP seating, free lanyards) BUT with Costco we got our character meal completely free and a $20 giftcard for free!!! I love me some free stuff!!! (And we got a coupon for a free photo book once we get home and 100 free prints. I need to get started on those)
We stayed at the Holiday Inn and then used the ART system to get to the park. It was perfect!!!
Here are the boys ready for dinner with Goofy!!!
Micah on the bus
We are in front of Disneyland here and I am pretty I was tearing up, 
so so exciting!!!
Sam didn't nap in the car on the way to Anaheim, so he was a little tired.

Micah however, was ready to go!!!

We were loving even the little details like the Mickey cut out in the bushes.

We ate at Goofy's Kitchen in Downtown Disney. When we first got there we were able to get our picture taken with Goofy and get his autograph.
The food was awesome! It was a all you can eat buffet with really good food. 
As we ate the different characters came around to our table for pictures and autographs.

It was love at first sight for Sam when Snow White came to our table. 
As she was leaving he told her that she was beautiful!
Just look at his smile!


Minnie Mouse

I wanted my picture taken too!!!

Chip (we didn't get a picture with Dale, but he was there too)

We all wore our Mickey shirts...
We had a blast! It was better than I had expected!

Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Sam was a little more excited after dinner. He was ready to have his picture taken! 
And it was chilly outside when we left. LOVED it!!!

This is the Lego Store in Downtown Disney. Everything made out of real legos!

Sam took this picture of Wes and I. I think it is the only one of just us. 
He did a pretty good job!

Very glad we decided to do the character meal the day we got there. It gave us a chance to see the transit system worked and figure out what we needed to do for our first day in the park. Also we were able to meet lots of characters and not worry about finding those characters in the park. 
It was a wonderful, magical night!!!

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