Sunday, July 01, 2012

Winter Family

The best part of our trip was getting to see the Winter family!!! 
Jenny and Tim used to live here in Houston and moved to California almost 2 years ago. We have known each other 10 years or more. Our boys are very close in age and are the best of friends. Jenny and Tim are family! We they are our closest couple friends!! We just love them!!! 

All that to say, we were SUPER happy to see the Winter family!
Micah and TJ, ready for a bike ride.

Sweet baby Mathis

We found a snake on our walk
Sam and Caleb
Sam and Caleb have been best friends since birth. They are only 6 weeks apart.
We only had one day before we left for Disney, so we decided to go see the ocean
and the sea lions. They were in their natural habitat and so incredible!

Jenny and Mathis

It was really cold right by the ocean

Aren't they so cool!!! I had never seen sea lions except at the zoo.

Sweet Caleb, love the hat to the side!
TJ...he loved having his picture taken!
My boys were more excited about the sand at the beach than the sea lions.

I love Jenny so much!!! 
She is one of the most giving and loving person I know!

Wes and Tim have been friends forever... 
so nice to be around a friend you have know for years!

The sea lions even came up on the awesome!

The view is just beautiful!
I told you that Wes and Tim had really missed each other :)

These little guys are everywhere. The boys had fun chasing them.

Aren't the flowers beautiful!!!

The boys were loving every minute being together!!!

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