Tuesday, July 03, 2012

California Adventures

Day 2: California Adventures! The day started much later than I had planned, Sam had a really rough night the night before. The croup hit him about 2 in the morning and we couldn't get him to stop coughing. So we were up from 2 to 4 or 4:30 and needed to sleep in the next morning. The only good thing about the croup is that you feel totally fine during the day. It is just at night that you feel terrible. Also we have a wonderful doctor that called in a steroid so he could get over the croup faster.

We only had so many days at Disney and we decided to push through and go to the park, knowing  that we needed to take it easy and go back to the room for naps. 

The boys have been very into the new Jake and the Never Land Pirates show on Disney and the first character we see with 10 minutes of being in the park is Jake. 
They had on their Jake shirts and were very excited to get a picture with him!
Micah's favorite thing in the world is popcorn, so we treated them to some while we waited to to see Disney Jr. Live.

My boys still watch Disney all the time.

They loved seeing all the characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,

Handy Manny, 
Little Einsteins,
and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
I thought Sam might be too old for it, but he was making his telescope and looking for the treasure right along with everyone else.

I think this looked so real. This is a painting...but doesn't it look like you can keep walking down this street?
Picnic lunch in Bugs Land. A great thing about Disney is that you can bring in already made sandwiches and snacks. We never bought lunch in the park. We just went to Walmart and bought everything for lunches, snacks, and water. We saved lots of money doing this!

My dramatic Micah...he had his feelings hurt!

Flik's' Flyers
In A Bug's Life everything was made out of food containers and things that Flik made.

Francis' Ladybug Boogie

Tuck and Roll's Drive 'Em Buggies (bumper cars)

Heimlich's Chew Chew Train
After lunch we tried to take it easy and see a lot of the shows. 
Which was perfect since all the shows are at California Adventure. 

A Musical Spectacular- Aladdin
We had VIP seating and we sat on the front row!!!
A little side note- while watching Aladdin, a very interesting man sat next to me. 
We found out that his name was Dallas and that he somehow worked for Disney. 
We don't know what he did or who he was for Disney...but he knew everything there was to know about everything in the park. He invited us to the fireworks show that night and said he would save us seats. The best seats possible. We were a little unsure about it and didn't even know if it was something that would work out. We decided to just see how the day went and maybe we would make it.
Muppet Vision 3D
Wes and Sam LOVE the Muppets and this show was so fun!

Turtle Talk with Crush
This was really fun. Crush was huge on the screen and talked to the audience. He would ask questions and pick out different people to talk to. It was very cool that he seemed to be able to see us and talk to us like he was really on the other side of the glass. The boys thought it was awesome!

We did go back to the room and take naps. We also just ordered pizza and ate in the room. It was nice to have some down time and Sam was needed a breathing treatment. We woke the boys up around 8 and decided to meet this guy Dallas for the fireworks.

The boys had a hard time waking up, so they just slept in the stroller.
But Dallas had been there several hours saving the best seats possible for the fireworks show. We were right in front of the castle!!

I was holding Micah during the fireworks so I didn't get to take many pictures. But I don't know if you can see it, but in these pictures Tinker Bell is flying over the castle. You can see her better in the bottom picture. She is to the right of the castle. That is Tinker Bell. Dumbo also flew over the castle during the show. Very exciting for the boys!
So after the fireworks show, Dallas told us to meet him at Fantasmic and he would have seats for us again. Everywhere we went with him, everyone seemed to know him. All the cast members knew him and he seemed to get whatever he wanted.
At Fantasmic he had front row seats again! Sam was asleep again by this point. He was so tired because of his cough, but he was able to sleep while we enjoyed the shows. Right before Fantasmic started, a lady from Disney told us to get all of our stuff and we were being moved to VIP seating. Dallas had arranged for us to sit in the sound both area where you can't even buy seats to sit there. We were sitting with this man named Ray, who is 2nd in charge of the whole park. It was pretty awesome!!! We were getting the royal treatment from a man that still would not tell us who he was. 

After the show, Dallas took us on a few rides and he would just walk straight up to the front and ask if we could have our own boat on Pirates of the Caribbean and they let him to whatever he wanted. 
We never did find out who he was. Wes straight up asked him and he would just change the subject. He said he was never in pictures and just liked to disappear in the crowd. He said it was so fun to be with us because he could just tell how magical everything was for us being our first time in the park.
By this point it was 11:30pm and we needed to get the boys in bed. 
But we saw Donald on the way out, so we had to say hi.
Mickey had brought the boys these pjs when they woke up, 
I love them in matching pjs.
Oh, and this light sword was a gift from Dallas. As we were walking out of the park we saw him again and he was standing by one of the stands with all the neon toys. He just grabbed two swords and said, I want the boys to have these. He told us that the cast member working the stand was new and he was trying to show him the ropes. Not sure if he even paid for them. I think he got whatever he wanted. It was very very awesome that we met him and got the royal treatment for a day!
It ended up being a great day! Sam did really well even though he wasn't feeling great. 
He still needed breathing treatments through the night, but it was a much better night sleep. And being outside as late as we were was good for him to breathe the night air. They say that is good for the croup. Glad we were still able to do a few things.

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