Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Last Magical Day at Disney

We loved every second of Disney! It really is the happiest place on earth. 
Everyone is super friendly, everything is clean, and the kids are beyond happy!
Ready for our last day! Mickey left a note telling the boys they got to pick out a souvenir from him. 
So we tried and see things we missed and souvenir shop this day.
Daddy and Micah got a few more beignets to start the day.

Silly Symphony Swings at California Adventure

Toy Story Mania

Daddy and Micah are ready!

We found Jesse

1st souvenir, Buzz guns

Hilarious picture! Look where Micah is shooting Wes.

Sam wanted another one with Jesse

Buzz!!! Micah was so happy!!! Buzz was number one on his list!
Green Army Men
The BEST corn dog ever!!! SOOO yummy!!!

Micah and Goofy
Sam and his corndog
Micah wanted his sandwich for lunch, he missed out!

Wes went on California Screamin' by himself. 
I was so impressed by Wes. For the most part we only rode on kids rides, and Wes didn't complain once. He was just as excited as I was to watch the boys experience everything and watch the looks on their faces.  He didn't care that he didn't get to ride the big roller coasters or do what he wanted. He was a wonderful Daddy the whole time. This roller coaster was the only thing he wanted to do. He only waited in line for a few minutes because he was a single rider. It worked out perfect.

California Adventure

I was so surprised how many people would offer to take a family picture for us! 
I was scared we wouldn't have any as a family...but we ended up with quite a few!

We decided to do one more thing before going to look for souvenirs. 
We wanted to try out the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. 
We had no idea it was a take from the movie Up.
We meet Dug when we first got there.

He licked their autograph book after he signed them.

It was just this huge obstacle course with all kinds of things to climb and play on.

Rock Climbing

And if they completed the wilderness packet, they got sworn in as wilderness helpers...

They got patches

And a picture with Russell

All week Sam has been telling us that he wanted Mickey gloves. 
He was thrilled!
Micah picked a bubble gun
The last thing we did was ride the monorail around the park.
It was an awesome 4 days at Disney! I think we planned it perfect. I have to say that I LOVED every single minute!!! My legs were pretty soar after walking that much, but it was so worth it! 
I will never forget the boy's excitement everyday as they believed everything they were seeing! 
It was a very magical trip!!

Day 3 Disneyland: Part 2

We had a big day, sorry it is taking 2 posts. We were trying to see everything else that we didn't get to see the first day. 

Here we are in Tarzan's treehouse. VERY cool!!!

Trying to climb like Tarzan

We took at break at New Orleans square and had Mickey shaped beignets, YUM!

The Jungle Cruise

We needed a break and wanted to sit for a while, so we decided to watch the parade again. 
I have to say that I LOVED the parade and the boys did too. I was singing to all the songs and it just made me so happy!!! Not sure that Wes was feeling as much of the love, but he was a good sport.

As you can tell, I LOVED the boys in their ears. I just thought they were the cutest things ever!!!
We didn't get one, but I love the balloons inside the balloons. 
Reminds me of Disney!
I think it is coming!!!
Genie from Aladdin

Little Mermaid

characters from Saludos Amigos
Donald Duck
Snow White
She waved right to Sam...he turned red!
King Monkey in Jungle Book
Turk from Tarzan
Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog
Captain Hook
Peter Pan
Tinker Bell
Mary Poppins

LOVE these pictures!!!

It's A Small World

Wes treated us all to a yummy from the chocolate store in Downtown Disney.
Micah got a blue Mickey cookie
Sam got a chocolate covered marshmallow
And I got a caramel apple!!! My favorite!!! Wes got fudge, I think.

My sweet boys with their friends after a magical day!